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Hey girls. I've been lurking and decided to give a quick hello today. We are in the process of planning our next move with saving money and signing up for disability insurance in order to have some sort of income when we decide to try again since I will more than likely be on bedrest after 12 weeks. I'm feeling much better but am having a very very hard time with hearing about pregnancies or babies. Sad It only reminds of what I had then lost. Sad BUT I know in my heart I want to give this another shot so I'm somewhat hopeful that next time might turn out better.

We have decided that sometime in June or July I will meet with the new doctor and see what our next step is. I'm sure I will have to go thru all the fun testing again but I can manage that. (So darn used to it by now) Other than that I'm keeping myself very very busy and even went back to work this week. That was super hard but I got thru it. All in all, I will be lurking mostly on this board for now. I just can't stay away from you girls!! Smile

Mary-I got your email and responded but was unable to send it because your mailbox is full. Smile

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Hello there.

I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. I hope that your stay on the board will be short and have a very happy ending.

Always here if you need to talk.

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Mari, so glad to see you posting. I know how hard it is to see about pregnancies and babies when your heart feels so broken. As always we are here if you need/want to talk.


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Hi Mari.
I've been following your story on the different boards. I'm so sorry about all you've been through.
I'm glad you stopped in to say hi, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Hello Mari! Welcome to the board! I can't imagine what you've been through, but it inspires me not to give up hope! I'm excited for you to begin your journy again and wish you ALL the best!!! Hope your stay is short and sweet... Wink

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Marisol, truly sorry about your loss, but I admire you for your strength and courage to move forward. /big hugs


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Marisol, I am truly sorry for what you and your family have gone through, and are continuing to go through. Makes my heart ache for you. *HUGS* You are such a strong woman!! I too admire your courage for moving forward. Wishing you only the best!!

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Marisol, I have no words but know that you are being prayed for and I am thinking of you..
sending you huge, huge hugs....!

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So glad you are doing a bit better love.
You know my thoughts are with you constantly.

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Thanks ladies!!

I had a set back yesterday. Sad A coworker of mine is only a week ahead of when I was supposed to be due and I saw her yesterday and nearly lost it when I got back to my classroom. It literally ruined the rest of my day. Sad

I'm feeling better today and I am trying to avoid her. Poor girl probably feels terrible and it's not her fault but I just can't see her. I think it is also because we used to talk about our pregnancies. UGH, I hate this feeling.

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That is really hard. I had two co-workers due at the same time I was pregnant with Bailey. It was so hard to see them after and watching them go on mat leave. You do what you need to so that you can get through the days. Hugs.