Hi ladies. Looking for some advice...

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Hi ladies. Looking for some advice...

I was on the boards a while ago, but haven't been around for a quite some time. This cycle marks the four year anniversary of TTC. it's weird though, and I could really use some advice.

So here is my predicament. Through all my months of charting my bbt, I've had super predictable cycles. I always ovulate on day 9, 10, or 11. And my cycles average 27 days, the shortest being 26, the longest 29 with one exception that was 32 days. Never had an annovulatory cycle.

Well I haven't charted in a few months because DH and I needed a break from it after being told there was probably no chance of conception without ivf due to my pelvic scarring. So I don't know what's going on with my cycle AT ALL this month.

I am now on cycle day 33. I took an hpt yesterday that was negative. A couple days ago I had cramps like my period was going to start, but when I would run to check there was nothing. I dont usually get crampy untill AF starts. I'm a little bloated, and yesterday my breasts started getting tender. Yesterday I cried in the grocery store because they didn't have kimchi and I couldn't live without a kimchi covered hot dog. DH thought that was weird, but if I'm pms-ing I don't think being emotional would be that uncommon for me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do? How long should I wait before I call the doctor? I'm only 29, but I googled stuff (bad idea, I know) and I'm kinda terrified of premature menopause. I just don't want to bug my doc until I need to, but im not really sure when that would be...

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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With a cycle as regular as that, I would call the doctor and get your hcg tested!

I am sorry that you have been on this journey for so long.
It is heartbreaking that we all have to gob through all this to reach our goal!!

I couldn't guess at what the outcome would be.
I can just hope this is great news and please keep us posted xxx

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So sorry it's taking you so long hun! I know nothing about charting but from what I can gather, I would agree with Liz.

I hope too that this is good news for you.


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I agree. I would go to the doc for a blood test at least. It's a start...

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Thank you for ladies for replying. AF showed so it must have just been a wonky cycle. I really appreciate all the support Smile

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So sorry she showed.
Hope your bfp shows soon

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With regular cycles I wouldn't think that early menopause is an issue, however, I don't know what other symptoms you may have, and I'm certainly not a doctor. Just hoping to reassure you. *Hugs* I'm sorry you are dealing with infertility. I don't wish this on anyone!! Its been one of the toughest things I've had to deal with in my life. You mentioned scar tissue on your uterus. Is there anything they can do about that? If you haven't seen a specialist, perhaps that's something to consider. Wishing you all the best!!