High FSH, donor eggs? (child & loss ment)

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High FSH, donor eggs? (child & loss ment)

Hi ladies, been majorly AFK, life's been busy but I've been lurking lots. We finally decided to go to a new fertility clinic and tried our first round of IUI. It was crazy and a lot of early waking up plus dragging our boys with us but we managed! Unfortunately the IUI resulted in a BFN (and that's with 4 eggs). Anyway, we met with the doctor yesterday to discuss IVF but my FSH level is now a whopping 22! Sad

A year and a half ago it was a 9, I was able to get pregnant back in the spring but that was a T-13 baby & miscarriage. Since then, my FSH levels have climbed drastically and now they feel IVF with donor eggs is our best chance. At my age (43), IUI & IVF have very little success plus I only have one fallopian tube along with my blood clotting disorder being back (antiphospholipid antibodies). Yep, a huge uphill climb just have another baby!

Anyway, donor eggs isn't cheap, it's going to cost $23,000 and DH really wants to try this. Me, I'm worried about money and that it won't work. We're fortunate he makes good money and told me we'd be okay and not worry about moving, selling this house to get a bigger place, etc. Telling me that a baby takes priority over things like that and he's right, we have been TTC 4 long years now. Plus I have tried everything under the sun! I've done the herbs, royal jelly, and so on. I can't even see myself trying to get my FSH of 22 down to a 9 right now by pill popping, it's exhausting trying so hard. KWIM?

So ... do you think we should try donor eggs? Would you ladies do it if money isn't a problem? My son had me in tears this morning when he told me he really wants a baby sister... It just saddens me to know I've gotten older and so much has changed.

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Jennifer, I'm so sorry you are going through this. If money were no problem for me, I think I would go for it, esp if DH wanted to do it. In the end, this is you and DH's decision. Best of luck to you

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You go for it!!!
i think it will be the best gift you could each have!!
I am very excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We talked about it some more and we are going for it, we meet with the finance people next week & will start laying down the ground work. Then I guess we can choose our donor and hopefully start things up sooner than later. Smile

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Just now seeing this, sorry.

YAAAAY, so glad you decided to go for it! :clappy:

Best wishes for success, Jennifer! We're all rooting for you! :bighug:

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Awesome! Best of luck!!!!

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Oh how awesome!!!! So happy for you!! Wishing you the best of everything in this new journey!!!

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We're going to opt to do PGD, spend the extra money that is. PGD will allow gender selection, which basically means if we want only girls, they'll put girl eggs back in. Pretty cool technology. Will keep everyone posted on how things go.