Holdyn arrived! (great-nephew) - updated with picture

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Holdyn arrived! (great-nephew) - updated with picture

Baby Holdyn arrived this afternoon...4lbs 7oz. I think he is at 34 weeks (lost count a bit). So far from what I hear all is well...now I really need to finish his baby quilt! He is just a tad smaller then Robbie so I know what they are going through. Prayers and thoughts welcomed.

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Congratulations on the birth of your great-nephew!! Smile Thoughts and prayers are with him that he will continue to do well.

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So cute!! My nephew was born at almost the same weight at 34 weeks back in december and he looks about the same! He was only in the hospital for about 2 weeks then got to come home! Best wishes for your family!

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So precious. Thoughts and prayers.

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Aww my baby was teeny tiny like that and she grew so quickly. So precious!!

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Awwww he's so cute! I hope he gets stronger and stronger every day! Congrats on your great-nephew!