home! & exciting news!! (kinda OT)

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home! & exciting news!! (kinda OT)

Hi ladies!!!! Smile
Had a WONDERFUL time in Montana @ Bible camp - got to meet alot of absolutely awesome people & renew some friendships as well & we came home feeling spiritually refreshed too!
For my Canadian friends...some really great people there from Edmonton tried super hard to talk DH & I into moving up to Canada lol. It was awfully tempting & got DH & I thinking about moving.. Wink
Which brings me to a new change of plans....... for a really long time my husband has talked about how he'd like to go into the ministry but for a variety of reasons, has always decided to stay with his current job.
Well, he had some very encouraging talks with several different men over our week @ camp & after we got home, we decided to go for it - soooo Lord willing, we'll be moving to the great state of TEXAS for preaching school in either January or next August... it all depends on when we can get our house either sold or rented & how soon we can find people to help support us financially during the 2 years we'll be in school.
So that's our exciting news!!!!
I'd love to catch up on the boards but DH is waiting on me to watch The Office...gotta love Netflix haha.. Blum 3 ttyl!!!

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Wow...that is amazing news!!!
I so hope that everything moves fast for you!
What a wonderful career change!
I hope that everything goes to plan for you!!!

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Liss - LOL at the people from Edmonton trying to get you to move! That is Edmontonians for you... btw I live in Edmonton Biggrin

Sounds like a great plan for you and DH, moving to Texas.

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Liss that sounds wonderful!

BTW - I live outside of Edmonton but work in Edmonton, if you change your mind and wander up this way, be sure to let us know Wink I am sure things will go well in Texas ~ so excited for you!

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Whoop!! Welcome to Texas, my friend!

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Yay for Texas!!

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That is so exciting, congrats!!

And you know, if you are thinking of Edmonton, Calgary isn't far away.... Wink

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So cool!!! Congrats!!!!

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Thanks ladies! We're still pretty excited - had a few negative naysayers (why is always family...?? lol) but both sets of our parents are still behind us so that helps lol.

Haha, personally, I'd much rather move to Canada than Texas... of course, I've never been in Canada... but I HAVE been in Texas....:p It's allllll good tho.. Wink & who knows, maybe some day... Wink

So now the adoption thing is on hold for sure, but we're still hoping something will happen on its own now that we've been seeing the acupuncturist/nutritionist.. Smile