Hoping for advice

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Hoping for advice


Hi All,
My name is Kate. I will give you a quick background. I have been previously married and we went through the whole TTC journey and I was on preg. org at that time. We tried and it resulted in a miscarriage and it was about a year and half of TTC. Our marriage ended, and the TTC contributed to part of that.

I am now in a wonderful relationship with the love of my life. We are getting married in less than 3 weeks. I am in my early 30s and he in his mid 30s... needless to say..we are ready to have a baby. He is aware of all my previous fertility issues and everything I went through. We started TTC in January. It is suspected that I have endometriosis. I have a lap and HSG in July. I was hoping some on here have been through this same journey. I wanted to hear about how your lap went and what to expect. I am not yet here on this board, but hoped that I could get some feedback about my surgery.

Thank you for anyone willing to share!!!

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Hi Kate and welcome to group.

As for the lap it is not too bad. They put in 2-3 tiny incisions and those heal up very quickly. I was having a ton of pain before the surgery and after they removed the endo I didn't even need to take tylenol. You will be sore but not really pain. My throat was sore from the breathing thing they put in (but I have a small jaw/throat) and so I ate popsycles. I had an HSG as well and everything was clear. After 1 AF I was pregnant, it ended in a m/c but I think that has more to do with my age - I was 41 at the time. They say that the first 3 months after the surgery you are most likely to get pregnant.

Congratulations on getting married! You will have to share pictures here.

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Hey and Welcome!!! I have had the HSG and it really wasn't too bad. I think everyone is different, some feel pain and others do not. I felt a little bit of cramping while doing it but that was it. Good luck and congrats!

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Hi and welcome!!!
And congrats on your up and coming nuptials.
I have had 2 hsgs.
The first was slightly uncomfy... Due to medical student.
The second was nothing.
After my first I fell oregnant the next cycle like a lot if ladies.

Good luck to you and you are always welcome here.

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Hi! Congrats on your upcoming marriage and wedding.
I had a lap + HSG done in April 2011 for moderate endo. I have 3 very small incision sites (belly button, top of public bone, and one on my lower left abdomen). To be honest you can't see them anymore. I had the lap performed on a Thursday and was able to return to work the following Wednesday. I would have been able to go back sooner if I had a job where I was sitting most of the day, but I'm a teacher and couldn't be on my feet that long. I was pretty sore, but felt so much better after the endo removal. You don't realize how much pain you are living with until it's gone.
Good luck!

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I have had both and they really aren't that bad. With the HSG, I suggest taking some ibueproferen about 20 minutes before you go in. It can be a little uncomfortable, but unless there is a blockage, you should be just fine. You will have mild cramping and maybe some bleeding afterwards. I have endo too and I believe it is in stage 3. I also had a fibroid on the top of my uterus that was taken out last year. It was the size of an infant's head. Unfortunately for me, I have not been successful in getting pregnant at all. Good luck to you. Congratulations on the up coming wedding.

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We might have endo, but decided to forgo the lap and just go straight to IVF. Best decision I ever made!


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I also for-went the lap and opted IVF, but I had other reasons for this choice aside from endo. Everyone's IF journey in unique.

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Hi all,
Thank you so much for your replies! I have not been on the board much lately now that I am in crunch time for my wedding. I really appreciate your stories..it helps me to get a feel for what I will be expecting. Thank you for all your warm welcomes and sharing!