How likely?

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How likely?

I was diagnosed with PCOS back when I was high school. I was bit overweight by 40 to 50 pounds. Well after school, I made it a point to lose weight and I got down to 150 pounds. Before I knew it, I was pg with ds. I kept thinking that I wouldn't get pregnant because of the pcos and I never had regular periods. Well it happened.

Now that we have been trying for #2 for almost 4 years, this has been a journey. I haven't been on metformin since high school and I know that the only reason why I got pg with ds was losing all the weight.

In your opinion, do you think I would more likely be able to get pg if I started metformin and tried naturally without clomid, we could be successful? We tried clomid and I did O, but the side effects were horrible.

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I got pregnant on just metformin but now I am 42 and needing more then just the met.

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metformin is wonderful if your body agrees with it - it will regulate your blood sugars and will get your hormone balance back in sync as it should be. If your body responds well to it then I would think that you have nothing to lose to try it.

I have severe PCOS and I had a terrible reaction to metformin (my limbs went numb and I was blacking out) -- i've done evil in a pill (clomid) but am now onto Puregon injections and I must say, I would choose Puregon injections anyday over Clomid.

If the metformin route does not work for you (if you decide to try it) then maybe ask about Puregon. I believe they are safe to take at the same time, but I could be wrong on that

Regardless ~ good luck!

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Haha " evil in a pill" you guys make me nervouss!!

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It's hard to know what would be more likely, but the metformin would definitely be an easier/faster route to try rather than the weight loss. Is your doctor on board with you taking the metformin? If so, if I were you, I'd probably try that for a few months and if still nothing, then I'd reassess what's going on.. Smile Hope you get your BFP soon!!!!

Haha, Tasha, clomid can be evil, but I didn't have toooo many bad side effects - my main complaints were, besides not getting a legit BFP haha, constipation during my 2ww (TMI, I know..) and painful cramping @ ovulation - I was bloated and it was like I could feel my ovaries swelling haha. Both of my clomid cycles brought me LOTS of follicles that were the right size (not more than 10 tho) and of course the little bitty ones, so it was no wonder I could feel stuff going on, but I just took it easy those days and rested. Smile