Howdy howdy from TX! lol

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Howdy howdy from TX! lol

Hi ladies! Smile
We're all settled in TX and are getting used to classes and whatnot, so thought I'd give you a quick update! Smile
Uhhmm..... so, I HAD lost about 25lbs before we moved here, however, what with the long trip on the way here and then getting settled, I have gained probably 7 back, so am in the process of trying to jump back on the healthy-habits band wagon and keep on top of homework, housework and my part-time job, which is work-from-home pc stuff. Smile

That, really, is where we stand now... nothing much new on the TTC horizon, and adoption looks to be pretty well on hold til we're out of school and have a paying job somewhere. In THEORY, I'm going to take the next 2 years to continue my healthy lifestyle encompassing diet, exercise, stress management, etc. and maybe something will "just happen".... if not, we'll reassess after we graduate & are blessed with work somewhere!

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Lovely to see you!!!!!
Glad everything us going good in Texas!!!
You Planning on meeting the 2 amandas???

Well done on the weight loss... Even if you have gained back a little ... Its still a loss!!!
Good on you!!!

Hoping that with stress levels managed and a new life that a new lo will join you very soon!!!!!!

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I think you have a great plan! Congrats on your weightloss, relocation, and schooling! Smile

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Howdy Biggrin Thanks for the update and :goodluck:

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Thanks everyone!!! Smile I really hope that this new healthy lifestyle will help...:D

I haven't been in touch with either of the 2 Amanda's, but I think they're still a ways from me Sad Why does Texas have to be such a big state?!?! Sad hehe:)

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Liss! So glad to hear from you!

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HI!!! So glad to hear from ya!!!!!