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Hi ladies! I had my follow-up last week. My AMH came back at 0.1, very low. Sad To put it in perspective a medium ovarian reserve would come back between 15-28. My FSH was in the 30's and my E2 was super low. Neither of those were surprising as I've had no af in 11 months and those were typical readings I was getting over the past two years since my premature ovarian failure diagnosis. Our only option for a pregnancy is donor eggs. We won't likely go that route though. For no other reason than we are financially and emotionally drained after 8 years of this roller coaster ride. We have my 14 year old daughter who is the love of our lives, and we are getting used to our life and family as it is. I've been suffering with some symptoms since last Sept/Oct. Hot flashes, achey joints, emotions all over the place (feel like I've had permanent pms for months!). My new RE feels that I've been too long with my estrogen so low and need to be on HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Originally he wanted to put me on birth control pills to balance my hormones. But I get horrible headaches and spot for days/weeks on end when on bcp's. So he prescribed Estrace. I'm going back in two weeks to let him know how I'm doing on the dose he prescribed. Once he finds the right dose for me, he will add progesterone. I'm 35 years old and on HRT! Sad I'll be on it until I'm about 50 years old. I'm so upset! I was really hoping to avoid HRT for a while longer. But I also cannot continue with the way I'm feeling. The emotions and my achey joints are the worst! Especially since I've been doing bootcamp 2x a week since late February and just last week started training to run a 5k in September. My life isn't what I pictured it to be, but I have so much to be thankful for! I just thought I'd post an update.

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Hugs sweetie! I wish you had received better news.

You need to give yourself some time but have you thought about adopting from foster care? I was adopted when I was 5.

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*hugehugs* I'm so sorry. Sad

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So sorry! :bighug:

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:bigarmhug: I'm so sorry :comfort:


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I'm sorry, Jodi. Man, that stinks royally. :bighug:

I'm glad you will be on something that will help your symptoms. WTG on training for a 5K! I've re-trained to run 5K and since then have run one 5K so far, then I'm going to run another one this Saturday, and again in July (unless I hear of another one in the meantime). Check out my Running Blog! The link is in my siggy. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help with what little experience I have, lol. Are you using the Couch to 5K program?

ETA: Oops, I took out my siggy because of the pic of Hannah, but realized you wouldn't be able to click on the link to my Running Blog, so I put it back in. Hope that's okay.

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Thank you all for your kind words.

Mary, no worries about pics. I love seeing them! I'm going to check out your blog. Yes, I am doing the couch 2 5k. I'm starting week 2 this week. I did two weeks of week 1. I've only been able to run 2x a week as I also do a bootcamp class 2x a week and my schedule is very busy with dd and her activities. I do have a couple questions, I'll send you a message. Smile You are so amazing doing all those runs!!! I've heard it's addictive!

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I came into this thread wanting to ask how the HRT is going. Not sure you've been on it long enough to notice any difference though. I always like to read your updates though since we've been around here on some of the same boards together for a few years now.

Then I started reading through posts and got sidetracked with Mary's running blog. I can relate to all of it! Smile

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You're right, we've known each other awhile now and been through alot together over the years! I haven't been on the Estrace very long. But I've noticed some small changes. Mostly the increase in cm. I meet with my dr again on the 30th. Not sure if he will increase my Estrace and/or add the progesterone at that time. I'm not having any of the negative s/e which is nice. How have you been doing??