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Hi all.
So I called the dr and they scheduled an HSG for me on Thursday. I'm pretty nervous.
Can anyone tell me what they do, and if it's painful, what to expect, etc.

They said I need a half day for the morning test. Does that sound right?

Thank you Smile

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I have had 2.
The first one was slightly uncomfortable....due to the fact I had a student nurse trying to gt the suction cap on the cervix and was having trouble. (The trouble I found out at the next one 3 years later is that I have a very small cervix so the cap was too big!! lol)
But it didn't last long!
The second one they used a catheter thing and balloon and I didn't feel a thing.
I was in out in about 10 minutes.
Overall I was at the hospital for 30 mins and had 2 and a half hour journey eith side. LOL
So its fine...in fact watching the dye go through on the monitor is fansinacting!!

Also....I fell pregnant the cycle after having my first one!! and so many women do too!
Kind of gives you a clear out!! Smile

Good luck!!!
Let us know how it goes!!

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My HSG was the catheter/balloon type. I was extremely nervous because at that point, I'd never even had a pap smear lol so had no idea what to expect.
They'll probably give you antibiotics to start taking just in case of an infection.
It was suggested that I take 800mg of ibuprofen/advil about an hour before the procedure, which I did, and am glad I did.
As nervous and scared as I was, it wasn't that bad at all - yes, it was uncomfortable and there was some cramping, but it lasted such a short period of time and my period cramps have been far worse.
PLUS it was so cool to be able to see my little uterus and fallopian tubes on the screen, lol. That was the most fun part for me.
I had a little spotting afterward, which they'd warned me about (plus I'd just finished AF) but they should give you a pad or something, too.
It was a pretty quick procedure but waiting and being shuffled from place to place took the longest, so I can understand the half day thing. Smile
Take some painkillers before if you're worried about the pain, and just take lots of slow, deep breaths while they're doing the procedure and I hope it will be fine for you!! Smile

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It was a couple of pinches. What got me is the after cramping that night....not fun and I can only take Tylenol due to allergies.

It is cool watching the dye go through.

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I had one a few months ago. It was super easy--no discomfort at all. I worked myself up over it beforehand for no reason

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I've had two done as well. The first was uncomfortable. The doctor was using a catheter that was too big for my cervix and there was some cramping when the dye went in and for a little while afterwards. The second one I took Advil before, about 1/2 hour before, and it was a piece of cake! Didn't feel a thing! Smile Wishing you all the best!!

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Thank you everyone. Smile
I feel much better!