HSG Results......

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HSG Results......

So I did not feel a thing which was GREAT!!!! The vicodin must have done the trick plus it relaxed me enough that my nerves were in check. My RE kept asking, " Are you doing ok?, Keep breathing." etc. I finally had to tell her I don't feel a dang thing haha. Anyway, so my tube is 100% CLEAR :eek:!!!!!!!! Talk about a total shock!! My RE was shocked as well and the radiologist was there and he said actually my tube looks more open than it was in Jan......I can not freaking believe it!!! So I am going to continue with the weight loss and my RE agreed to let me come in for a mid ultrasound in whatever cycle I want to check which side O is happening on. For now I am going to keep up with the fertility diet and exercise and see what happens........Holy crap!!!! I still can't believe it.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers.....They worked!!!!

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On my iPhone so only a quicky.. But yay!!! Absolutely over the moon fir you!!!
I got preggers the cycle in the jam when I had my hsg in the dec... Sooo!!!
Keeping everything crossed for you!!!

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That's great news!! Wishing you lots of luck in your upcoming cycles!!! Hopefully soon you'll get a BFP!!

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Yay!!! This is SUCH great news, Carissa! I also got pregnant the month after my first HSG...hoping it brings you a BFP too!

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Oh, and awesome news that you didn't feel anything! Whoop!

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Whoop whoop to your clear tubes !! I hope u get a BFP

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Thanks ladies!! DH and I are feeling SUPER blessed by the news. Now if I could just get this last 20 lbs off.............I AM GOING TO DO IT IF IT IS THE LAST THING I DO!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

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LOL I just posted on the other thread, not realizing you had posted THIS one. So glad it went well! Biggrin

And as for the weight loss, IF I CAN DO IT, ANYBODY CAN! Trust me Lol You CAN do it! I HIGHLY recommend Sparkpeople.com. It's totally free and they have lots of great tools to help you in your weight loss journey. :goodluck:

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super wonderful news!!! Yahoo

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chrissy-just over the moon for you!! so awesome!!! :bighug:

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Oh, I am SO relieved & happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!