I cheated....

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I cheated....

So I have been so good with my diet and exercise........Until today. UGH! I am so stressed right now with trying to figure grad school stuff out and our family from Germany sent a goodie box a few weeks ago so there have been yummy German chocolates and treats in my freezer, which may I point out I have not touched lol. Well today I had one of those, SCREW IT!!! I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW!!! moments and I found my self standing at the freezer grourging myself....LOL. Now I feel soo completely guilty. I almost feel like if I let myself cheat I am cheating myself out of a baby....If that makes sense??? So not I am going to have to add an extra mile to my work out tonight just to balance myself out. Seriously how crazy do I sound right now?? I can't eat sugar or I won't get preg........Yeah, it is offical TTC had made me nuts!

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Hahaha i wont tell !! If it makes you feel better lol i cheated today by eating a double chocolate brownie Sad lol

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I like to think one time won't wreck it all.

But if it's true about this sugar thing then I am in trouble...I like my sweets and my desserts.....

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I'm sitting here with a box of fudge...so...we all do it...M told me if I lose the weight he\'ll buy me a whole new wardrobe for the States visit...and here I am stuffing fudge...hahahaha
Me...I just won't eat today now...hahaha

On a serious note though...giving your self a treat is not a bad thing..its actually healthy...as long as its in moderation...you are doing the exercise still...so its all god...denying the odd good will just stress you out...and stress isn't productive!
So a chocolate here and there is fine...just don't go mad!

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I read your post while eating peanut M&M's .... and laughed!
I think it was just a chocolate kinda day for everyone!

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Haha glad to hear I am not alone Smile Well I did do my extra mile yesterday so I feel better about it Smile

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I have absolutely no will power!! It's sooo bad!! Thats why I can't "diet" I have to convince myself that I will start eating healthier instead. I think one time is good. If you don't treat yourself once in a while you will eventually go back to the way you used to eat.

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Hehe, our RE told me once that cheating every so often is just fine & normal because we're only human... just don't do it day after day lol. That still makes me feel better when I cheat... "I am only human.... but I won't do this tomorrow!" it helps.. lol.