I had no idea about this mthfr lark...

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I had no idea about this mthfr lark...

So I got my letter through from Mr Rai.
IRS amazing really how little he told us about this
Mthfr thing.
So I have to take 5mg if folic acid prior to conceiving and up to 16 weeks gestation.
Then reduce it to 800 ug or something the u has a little line on the left and I don't know what it means.
Then I have to continue on this dose for like ever!!!!!!!
I have to avoid the combined pill and dehydration!!!!
And then in preparation for any surgery and and long haul flights I have to take something called thrombo-prophylaxis because of the increased risk of thrombosis!!!

Plus I have to let my 1st degree relatives know so they can be screened for it!!!!!!
Baring in mind my brothers and sister are only half siblings I hope they will be okay as the genes come from both mum and dad but not knowing about their mum in regard of my Sis and bro and dad in regard of my other bro I still need to tell them.
I spoke to my close brother today and he will be screened... He really needs it as he has diabetes so thrombosis us a risk anyway!!
I have no contact withh the other 2 so I asked my dad to contact them as I really don't want the lines of communication open between us.
My step mum seemed so proud that after all that has happened between my Sis and I I still want to give her the heads up... I just think it's normal.
My brother and I think that they ate all probably okay and it's maybe just on the side of the fily I was born to. Mum and dad are cousins so...
I best call my aunt just in case.
I always worried that my problems may be related to how closely related my mum and dad are... Seems to be... In my case!!!
But... Wow!!
It's all such a mad thing!!

So there you go!!

There is the latest!!!

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I can only imagine it's alot to take in Liz. So glad you know now though and are able to do what you need to. *Hugs*

When my husband found out about his balanced translocation he was advised to share with his siblings in case they too are carriers. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 could care less and because they each have one child that is healthy and neither have had any m/c's they don't feel the need to get tested. But that's their problem and for them to deal with. Same goes for your siblings, even if they are half siblings you just never know. At least you've shared the information, what they do with it is up to them. Smile

Any news on a date for your surgery?

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Very true Jodi!!!

No, no news yet... Hopefully soon!!!... Please!!!!

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:bigarmhug: I'm at a loss for words. But I'm still here for you. :bigarmhug:

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Sorry Liz... this is all new to me. If it helps any, I lack a thyroid and have to take pills every day, forever.
KUP....I'm sure things will work out okay... /hugs

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It doesn't bother me really.
Just amazed by how much I didn't know.
It's weird how much you keep learning xxx

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wow! however, you must look at it as a good thing in a way because now you know and it could have been potentially dangerous. i always say things happen for a reason if you werent TTC you would have never found this out. just like with the polyps I had. If I weren't TTC those things probably would have ended up cancerous. :bighug:

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That is very true too.
All things happen for a reason

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It sounds like a lot to take in and deal with. You are responsible and caring for informing all your family members. If there is any good come out of this information is that you will know how to treat it. Also, just to share, I had a friend who lost 3 babies in a row, got diagnosed with a clotting disorder and once started treatment(heparin injections in her case), conceived and carried her first child. Then, conceived and carried another! This after at least 3 years of infertility and loss. I will keep you in my T and P's for moving forward now!