I have no idea what I'm looking at.... LoL

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I have no idea what I'm looking at.... LoL

I've been trying really hard at the charting thing, but I have no idea how to interpret this! Except for the one weird temp spike waaayyyy early: I woke up with DH's poodle asleep on my face LoL Smile

Anyone wanna take a look and tell me what they see? Smile


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I would... But when I click the link it opens my chart!
Weird!! Lol

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Ack! Sorry bout that. Hmmmm.....

That's how little I know, I dont even know how to share it! LoL Smile

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Okay, well since trying to share my chart was an epic fail, here are my temps

Cd 10- 96.8
Cd11- 96.8
Cd 12- 97.18
Cd 13- 97.2
Cd 14- 97.58
Cd 15- 97.73 (today)

It's more like steady rise then a quick jump ???

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You can have a steady rise ovulation. It's not always a big temp spike. It's just harder to determine the exact day of ovulation when it's a steady rise. I would keep bd'ing! Good luck!!

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Huh ihad no idea! I thought it was just a spike that ment o. Weird! Thanks for letting me know Smile