I suspected for a while....(pg ment)

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I suspected for a while....(pg ment)

...been testing all week with OPKs and finally went and got a Clueblue digital today:


It's for real! I still have an "official" pg test at the lab on May 30. Results May 31 or June 1. But given the low level nausea I'm already feeling that I didn't feel a few days ago, I know it's real.

Now I just hope it sticks.

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Yay that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I am so overly joyed for you!! Don't worry, everything will be just fine, your doctors will monitor you every step of the way. Smile


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That is wonderful!!!!
Oh I am so happy for you!!!!!!

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I am still hopeful in joining you!!! I am so excited for you!!!

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Oh Sophia!!! Sooooo happy for you!!! A million congrats! :thewave: Yahoo :boogie: :party:

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I really hope you can join me, Margaret...last time we nearly did, then neither of us could. This time we will hang out together on a BB for 9 months!!!!

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I'm so happy for you much sticky vibes your way

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I already posted on the Feb board, but wanted to say again how THRILLED I am for you!! Congrats, sweetie! Yahoo

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Huge Congratulations!!! Biggrin So happy for you!!!

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What awesome news! I am so happy for you. I will keep my fingers crossed and my hopes high for you.

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Thanks Kadi, hope you are doing well.