I think AF is here....

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I think AF is here....

But it might just be heavy spotting, so I'm going to wait and see before marking it on my chart.

On to next month.

Know any good, clean jokes? Or just something funny or interesting you want to share?
Would love to hear it. Smile

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I am sorry Mary..hugs...
Okay...got a dreadful laugh that will make you groan..but
Buts red and sits in the corner?
A naughty bus.

Boom boom

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UGH, Mary so sorry to hear that. :bighug:

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Clean jokes? Are there such a thing?

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Dont worry we will keep trying !! Lets hope that its heavy spotting tho !!
Rachel: i doubt it lol

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Two men walk into a bar.

You would have thought the second would have noticed?

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LOL, thanks ladies. Smile

There probably aren't many clean jokes, and that's funny in itself.

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Boo!! Wish that dang witch would just leave you alone!! Hmm jokes?? Here is one from my 8 yr old. How does lady Gaga like her meat? Raw, raw, raw, raw , raw. Smile

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I'm sorry, Mary!! Sad stupid AF!!! Sad

One of my little sisters (10 yo) loves to tell this joke:
A man went to the jungle for a trip. On a tour, he saw a big purple gorilla walking around. The tour guide said, "Whatever you do, do NOT touch the purple gorilla!" That night the man couldn't stop thinking about the purple gorilla. He thought, "I've GOT to touch that gorilla!" so he snuck out of the tent and found the purple gorilla. He made sure no one was around then he reached out his hand and...touched the gorilla! Suddenly, the purple gorilla turned around and started chasing the man! He ran as fast as he could, but here came the gorilla, chasing him still. He ran to the truck and got in and drove off, but the gorilla was STILL chasing him. He drove to the train station and got on the train but looked out the window and didn't see the gorilla and thought, "Whew, I'm safe!" ...but when he turned around, there was the purple gorilla right beside him! The man was very scared as the gorilla reached out and tapped the man on the shoulder...the the purple gorilla said, "Tag, you're it!"

ok, it's alot funnier to hear a 10 year old tell that joke, complete with sound effects, than to type it...:p

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Carissa & Liss ~ very cute Lol Thanks Smile