I want to cry - bad day

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I want to cry - bad day

Our IUI might be cancelled....

I was so busy at work today that I missed a call from the clinic. I checked my voicemail and she was like "it's nothing to do with your cycle now, but your bloodwork is from last year so we need to get you new blood work. Please call us" or something like that.

I called them and the nurse told me that we probably won't be able to do IUI after all this cycle because they can't do it if our bloodwork is old. We had genetic screening done last October and some other bloodwork done, but nothing since. She was like "you weren't told this?" and of course I said NO! Now all we might do is "timed intercourse".

She said I have to talk to the doctor when I go in on Sunday and it's their decision. I don't know what tests they need or if they can be done quick, because my IUI will probably be mid-week next week. If they want full work like STD checks and all that, that usually takes a few weeks. GRRRRRRRRRR!!

I'm so furious and sad and frustrated now. I'm having such a bad day. In addition to this, I forgot my wallet at home in my gym bag, dropped a while full cup of coffee all over the floor on my train into work, and my friend cancelled on a course we were going to take together tomorrow (I am signed up now and out $85 if I don't go). I've also been invited to go out after work for some drinks but can't without a wallet!!

Oh yeah - and the credit thing with my DH (see my other post on that).

I think I'm just going to go home and cry.

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Awwww !!! Sooo sorryy i hope they will let you still do the IUI

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*hugehugs* I'm so sorry about your day, I would be super upset if my IUI might get cancelled. I hope your dr will be willing to go ahead with it!

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Wow, that sure is a stinky day! Sad So sorry! It's so frustrating that the clinic tells you this now! I'd be furious and upset too.

Big hugs...hopefully they will let you slide this time!

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Big, big, big hugs. Convince them nothing has changed bc you're still with DH!!

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Ugh, so sorry, Rachael Sad Hope you took a nice bubble bath tonight or did something else relaxing, and that tomorrow is a much better day. :bigarmhug:

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Oh hun!
That is so sucky!
I hope you were able to relax last night and put it out of your head for at least an hour or so!
Why on earth didn't they deal with this earlier!!!

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That is awful. I had a similar thing happen and as long as it isn't over a year old, they can still use it. I got lucky and it was about a week off. I hope they decide to let you do the IUI. {{{HUGS}}}

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so sorry :bighug:

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Hey Rachael how are you feeling ?

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I'm feeling a little better today, but still down. Everything was going so well too! DH and I watched some movies on Netflix last night and tried to relax. We took a course today on edible and medicinal plants and trees so we were out hiking all day. We just got home. Just a few hours to kill until bed time and then tomorrrow DH is coming with me for my monitoring so we can talk to the doc. We realized that we've both had our yearly physicals this year (2011) so maybe if we can get our blood work from our family doc then that will be ok? Either way, DH is really pissed. I was there in August and I TOLD them at that time approx when I wanted to do the injectibles/IUI and she never said anything at that time.