I'm getting a new tattoo (OT)

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I'm getting a new tattoo (OT)

I'm so excited! I went for a consult last weekend and I have an appointment to get a new tattoo April 6! It's actually a set of tattoos on the insides of my forearms. A set of keys on the left forearm (a selection of keys I've collected over the years - I'm obsessed with antique keys) and on the right forearm is the quote in my signature with a lock-hole on the inside of my wrist.

I will admit that I've wanted more ink (I have one tattoo already) for years, but I had been putting it off due to TTC. But I can't keep putting my life on hold anymore. I was always too worried to get any done, then I would miss out on free touch-ups in the first year if I got pregnant. But no more. I'm not waiting around anymore for something that may or may not happen....

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I love tattoos...I have quite a few...you've probably seen my main one on my pics on facebook.
I do have to say though as much as I don't regret them and I love them...I wish I could wipe them off too.
I forget they are there and never show them off...its a bit tacky at my age I think to wear backless stuff just to show naked women off lol.
Arrrr but the memories they bring back. Smile

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Love it. Please post a pic when it's done. I have been wanting another one for about 2 yrs now, but like you was TTC. I think I may go look into getting a new one myself.