Im a newbie!

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Im a newbie!

My name is Jennifer as you can tell! I wanted to introduce myself, and tell my story.
I just turned 25 on the 24th of this month! I've been with my husband, going on 8 yrs,but Oct 2 is our 1 year wedding anniversary.
I have wanted to be a mommy since I was just a little kid. I always made my cousins call me mommy! lol.
Well, DH wasnt as interested as I was! So monthly for the last few yrs, I would have a shimmer of hope each moth, because I am on no BC and we just used the withdrawl method.
Nothing has never happened, short of wanting to be prego so badly that I caused myself to have what seemed like symptoms.
After all this time, after going absolutley crazy, my hubby and I had a talk the night of my birthday about what we should do. For one time in our whole relationship, he was sincerly interested and listening to everything I had to say about starting a family.
I agreed that I wanted to try to get pregnant. & He said that we would, & If it was meant to happen, it would.
He doesnt really understand that there is a certain time that you or fertile, or that you have a 2 week wait. Or if he does, he seems to play dumb. lol.
The only problem is. I dont know how to physically tell that I am ovulating, i just know about when I am, and I use a calendar on my iphone.
The calendar says that I would Ovulate sat Sept 24. We tried for our baby about 12 or 1 in the morning of 25th.
I read that the egg is usually viable from 12 to 24 hrs.
If so, if I ovulated during the day of the 24 then i should of had til the next morning to get pregnant at least.
Im really hoping and praying that this will be my miracle baby, after waiting so very long.
My husband is set in his ways, Im afraid that if it doesnt happen this time, he will think that it wasnt meant to be, and wont be ready to try again for awhile.
I have one digital test, and some of the strips on their way.
You better believe that I will be test the day of the 8th, that I am suuppose to start my period.
Possibly before, because I cant help myself!
Im so excited, I know that this will be the longest two weeks of my entire life.
Everyone please wish me luck, and that the pregnancy will stick, if the eggs fertilized

I posted this in another thread, but then found this place, so i copied it.
My hubby hasnt technically been trying, but Ive hoped, prayed, and cried my eyes and heart out for the last 6 yrs. Wanting a miracle!

My husband had always said how happy he would be to have one, but he had never made the move to really try besides this night. So everyone put me in your thoughts and prayers please.

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Hi Jennifer

Lovely to meet you.

Sounds like you have had a hell of a ride...especially if DH doesn't understand how you make a in time lines etc.
The medical experts say 3 times a week at least if you are not using tests.

MY OH hates me telling him when I am oing..he says it turns it all mechanical...yet if I don't he tells me hes not in the mood...hahahaha
Try a bit of a seduction on him at time of o maybe...massage and candle light...(When did I turn so cheesy?)

Anyhow...I hope that you caught that egg this month and that your stay here is short...yet you get to Graduate quick!!

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Thanks so much!!
It truly has been a hell of a ride! Long, stressful, and heartbreaking ride!
Tonight he had me in tears, because he said he wasnt interested, when he seen my reaction, he quickly tried to say that he just hasnt never been interested enough to find out how womens insides work ! LOL!!
Gosh, how I love him, and would love to choke him at the same time!
I really and truly appreciate your kindness.
I hope that we was about to catch the egg too, but Im so disheartened already. The first and only time he has ever really tried for a baby, we may of tried too late.
I guess its hard to have hope, when you pray for a surprise every month for 6 yrs. lol.
I wish you the absolute best!!
I do believe I will try my hand at seduction (even tho I do not feel all that sexy! lol)

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Hi welcome!! Like Liz said try to " trick" him into it and try bot to make it routine ! TTC is suchhh a time consuming task but your dh should take more of an interest in helping ... Its only right and fair ! But invest in some more opks ! Hoping you get your BFPP!!!!!

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Hey and welcome! I totally agree. DH hates it when it's timed. I think if I'm not pregnant this cycle, I will start hiding my O tests. I think just seeing them turns him off completely. Good luck!!!