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[FONT=[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Trebuchet MS]Hello All :boogie:

My Name is Kim, and I'd like to introduce myself. My DH and I have been married since May of 2007, we started for a family shortly after. Time (months) went by and nothing happened. After about a year or so of JLIH, we seeked a Doctors opinion. Hormones imbalanced, low sperm count & morph, PCOS, Insulin Resistant, annovulatory, etc... We went round and round with different doctors for a few years. Then careeers took over, we got settled in our house, enjoyed having only each other around, but still we wanted a family. So again we started with Doctors, Clomid, OPK, Temps, Charts, etc....and again, nothing.

We always believed a miracle would happen. We look for signs for on any universe to let us know everything would fall into place. "Every Little Things Gonna Be Alright" attitude towards it all. But here we are; not getting any younger, time is passing... and again, nothing.

So we recently decided to get back into the family making journey. We recentky attended a seminar in town being out on by a new RE. She listened, understood, let us ask questions, vent, etc. Somehow she let us feel that Hope and Faith should still be alive. Our situation is not "doomed", as I previously thought. We sat down this morning and had our very first consult.

Of coarse there are some underlying issues we need to clear up with PCP. Like diabetes, annual PAP exam, Bloodwork, and updated SA.

I have prescription for Provera to start a cycle. It is now up to DH and I to decide if we want to go forward with our first Femera, Injectible, IUI cycle with about a 10-15% chance of positive pregnany results. We could wait and clear up the above mentioned underlying issues and get magically healthier and pay longer-term associated fees--then try the Femera/Injectible/IUI plan. Of coarse all this information is new to us and DH had to get back to work shortly after appointment, so we didnt get time to actually talk one on one about it all.

I would like to take a few days (week) and get appointments set up (underlying issues) for treatment. If my cycle has not naturally started ("Every Little Things Gonna Be Alright" attitude) I would like to move forward with giving ourselves a breath of freash air, a light of Hope, and a glimmer of Faith and bank on 10-15% chance of finally getting our "foot in the door" into the Fertility Treatment World.

Just wanted to give everyone a background story as to who I am, and where I come from. I am sure some of you may relate to certain areas and points. I look forward to getting to know everyone. And pray we all provide a little answer and support to one another.

If you made it to the end of my novel, thank you.[/FONT][/FONT]