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Hi everyone, I guess I should post here because board hopping sucks and its been 2 years me. Im not really trying anymore, Im more or less on hold due to an ectopic that ruptured. I will not be doing Opks, or temping just sex when he wants it. I guess I should have started at the beginning, Im Renea 34 my husband is Paul 29. I have been married for 2 years trying after my tubal reversal. I have 4 kids my sons are 16, and 13 my daughters are 8 and 5. My Husband has no kids at all. In the 2 years of trying I have had 6 losses. Im under the care of an Re but husband dont want to be anymore. I have been having mini breakdowns but today I feel alot better and I dont hate the world. So hi everyone some of you I already know. The rest I would like to know.

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Hi Renea. I'm glad that you have found us here at 2+ years, we're a special bunch. Wink I'm so sorry that you had to join, but at least you are in the company of friends. And I'm so so sorry to hear about your ectopic; prayers for your quick healing, both physically and emotionally. :bigarmhug:

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you are a strong person to go through so many losses. my heart goes out to you. i love this forum. everyone is positive (great for those days with you have breakdowns).

lots of love!

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:bigarmhug: sorry you have to be here Sad we are all here for you

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So Sorry that you have found yourself here, but we are all here for you whenever you need it. So sorry to hear about your ectopic. I have been through 2 myself with one that ruptured. If you ever need to talk about it feel free to PM me. Smile

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Thanks yall

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I am happy you have come to join us...but also not if you get my meaning!
I am so sorry yoiu have been through so know that!
I hope that something gives for you sweets.
You have had such a tough road you deserve some good luck.

Huge hugs gorgeous all the ladies have said.. we are here for you 100%

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Oh Renea, while it's good to see you, I am also so very sad for you to be here, too..
You've been through a LOT in the last couple of years and I hope that you'll be able to get some answers from your RE.
It sounds like you & your DH need a little break, if even for just a short while - TTC can be so stressful.. I've not experienced losses like you, but I can't even imagine the heartache and anxiety it must bring :bigarmhug: We're here for you!!!