It's finally happening - IVF!

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It's finally happening - IVF!

I started the pill this week to begin our IVF cycle. I will start injections March 12th. I am scared, as we decided to use my eggs and not a donor's. I am having second thoughts on using my own eggs. What if it doesn't work? I can't afford another IVF. What if there aren't enough eggs to make enough embryos? My TTC journey will be over. I am so scared. Why does infertility have to take such a huge toll on us? I simply cannot handle another loss or finding out that it's hopeless and I will never have a child.

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good luck!! i hope that it works out with your own eggs and you get a sticky BFP!!

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Good luck Hun!!
It's an exciting time!
I am sure it will all be good with your eggs.
Big hugs and keep us posted!!!

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Wishing you only the very best!!! KUP!!

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Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

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best wishes

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Goood luckkk!!!

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All the best!!! Smile

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Hoping all will be GREAT - keep us updated on everything... !!!!