IUI, pain 2 days after

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IUI, pain 2 days after

I did natural IUI Friday (no meds) and it was our third try natural (got pregnant 2010 with clomid IUI but is nursing that baby now :)). The other ones have been painless and after the IUI I haven't thought a second of it. This time the actual IUI was still painless but I have had cramping and now I feel like I am bloated in my left side and I am tender when I push it. Since I have not had this before it worries me. Is this common? Now my husband is worried it is an ectopic pregnancy but those symptoms wouldn't show up now would they? I mean it is only 2 days after the actual IUI. Anyone had this or know what it could be? If it continues I will of course call my doctor

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way too soon for an ectopic pregnancy to be causing issues, my guess is it is ovulation pain - at least it is not on your right side so you do not have to worry about appendix

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Sounds like ovulation pain to me too. I had a horrible experience with my last IUI. The pain was intense and I was so bloated I couldn't even wear my jeans they were too tight! I was told to drink lots of fluids, gatorade is a good choice. I was told it was from fluid in the pelvic area from ovulation. Do you know how big your follicle was? Sometimes when it's a bigger follicle this can happen, or if there are multiple follicles. I hope you are feeling better soon. For me it lasted a couple days.