IUI today and tomorrow (Wed/Thur)

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IUI today and tomorrow (Wed/Thur)

We had our IUI today and everything went great! DH got stuck in traffic on the way there and was freaking out thinking they wouldn't accept his sample after 1 hour of collection. Doctor said they are actually good for up to 5 hours post collection...good to know.

DH's count was 43 million post-wash! Yahoo Last IUI I had him off all caffeine and alcohol and made him take the FertileAid. This cycle I didn't put any restrictions and didn't refill the FertileAid and his sample was better, lol!

We will go back tomorrow for a repeat IUI (our RE does 2 each cycle) and beta has been set for October 26.

I am going to try and stay distracted so I probably won't temp or test or be online much the next 2 weeks. Although, I will have to stop by and check on Rachael in a few days. Wink

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Wooohooo!!!!!! Best of luck!!!!

P.S. That's awesome about DH's count! Guess supplements are not really needed, good to know! Smile

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Fantastic news about dhs sample!!!! Whoop!!!
Good luck Hun!!
Thinking if you!!!!

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Yay! Awesome numbers there. Sending you egg meets sperm thoughts!

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those are AWESOME numbers Amanda! Go swimmers GO! Wink
Looking forward to hearing some news in 2 weeks

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Great numbers!! Good luck

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Any more news Hun!!!
Hope yesterday went well!!!

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Awesome Numbers!!

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SORRY SO LATE ON THIS!!! Hope all is well!!!! :bighug:

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Heyyy how are you feeling ?

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I'm a little late to the game but just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck! I've been thinking about you lately and really hope this is your cycle!! That's great about DHs sample! I'm stalking you and can't wait for next week to hurry up and get here!! Smile

- Caitlin

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Sorry I am late but I have been lurking arond and thinking about you, I am hoping for nothing but the best for you!!!

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I just wanted to say :goodluck: Wishing you all the best!!! Biggrin