Just another setback?

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Just another setback?

I'm home after a 4 hour stint in the ER. I've been having cramping for 2 weeks, no period, no pregnancy. I have now been told I possibly have pcos as well as mild endometriosis. I have a follow up with my Dr on Wednesday so hopefully I can get a few more answers.

Does anyone else have this going on? They sent me home with some lortab, but basically said there was nothing they could do about the cysts since they have pretty much all burst.

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ouch sounds very painful!! so sorry!!!!

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I'm so sorry you went through that! Bursting cysts are painful! I hope that you are feeling better soon and are able to get some more answers once you get in to see your doctor.

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Unfortunately I have been there done that. If you have questions just ask.

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I can't give any advice.
So just... Hug xxxx

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Good luck...i hope that's over soon. Big hugs...