Just don't think about it!!!

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Just don't think about it!!!

I must have heard that 10 times during a Mothers Day lunch with my family this weekend! WTF!! Why would you even tell that to someone that has been trying for over 2 years and has infertility issues on BOTH ENDS!! My cousin swears that I should just keep trying naturally because she doesn't believe that RE's are always right...whatever that means! Mind you she tried for 6 years and sees nothing wrong with that. My response was "well I'm sorry I don't have the luxury of 6 years I'm over 30 already." She just turned 29 last month.

So comments this weekend...

"just relax, take your mind off things, and it will happen."
"RE's don't know what they are talking about."
"you know you can have twins right."
"get ready for the hot flashes."
"get ready for the injections."
"get ready for the U/S"

Holy Crap, the women in my family are IDIOTS!!! Sorry yet another vent from me, I'm telling you I'm going to flip out on someone one day!!! GRRR....!!!!

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How insensitive !!! How about asking how you feel abt the situation smdh !!

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Hugs! Sorry that you are dealing with an insensitive family.

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I would be mad too!!
I hear comments of if you just stop tryi g it will happen... I just say... No that's not the case... I have something wrong with me...
They shut up then!

People just don't get it!!

Huge hugs!!!!

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LOL, yes I've noticed that being straight forward with people totally shuts them up. I've been telling nosy people lately the same thing, No I can't have babies and they just flat out change the subject. I love it! Suits them for being so darn nosy!!!

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I'm sorry you had to deal with that insensitivity! I've encountered alot of ignorant people and comments throughout my journey as well. It hurts for sure.

On another note, I just noticed your siggy... Congrats on 29lbs lost!!! I've been plugging away at my weight too. Keep up the great work!! Smile And all the best at your RE appointment on the 11th! It will be here before you know it!

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So late to this but wanted to say I can relate (at least on some level)! People who don't have issues with ttc just don't get it. I'm sure most of them mean no harm, but they really ought to "think" before they speak.

Recent comments I've heard:

"I was an only child, and it sure is lonely, you know. You ought to think about that."
"You aren't getting any younger. Don't wait too long."