Just a little update...

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Just a little update...

I am seeing a new RE at the end of March. Due to circumstances I am no longer seeing my previous RE and although I doubt my diagnosis will change (premature ovarian failure), I do need to be seeing someone for treatment and to keep an eye on me. I have not had a full af since June 2011. I have only had 8 days of spotting in early January and am now having another episode of spotting/cramping (6th day today). I am hoping that this dr will be able to help me, and if not, I'm hoping he can refer me to someone who can. I am feeling very lost right now.

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Sorry, Jodi. I do hope the new RE will have some new answers for you. :bigarmhug:

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:bigarmhug: I hope the new RE will be able to help you on your TTC journey!! Do KUP!! Smile

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Sorry things didn't work out with your old RE. I hope this one has some answers for you and you get along great with him. Good luck :openarms:

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Thank you ladies!

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I hope that the new RE will give you the answers that you need and will help you conceive very soon. KUP

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A fresh set of eyes is a great thing!!!
I am guessing your new re is going to answer a lot of questions!!!
Hoping you are going to get an opportunity to move on positively!!
Hoping it's the beginning Of a new new journey!!

Love you chick!!

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I totally agree with Liz - here's to a new and more positive journey!!

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Yes, a new doctor can always be very promising!! Good luck!!

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I hope so. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!