Lap and HSG Wednesday

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Lap and HSG Wednesday

I had my blood drawn for my pre-op today. I also got my little info package with all the details on the surgery. I am a little freaked but mostly calm. I think once I'm there and in a gown with all minds of IVs then I might panic a bit.

They have to run a beta pg test too before surgery, just in case. Wouldn't it be funny if it came back positive? The nurse told me it happens quite a bit in her experience.

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:goodluck: Would be ironic if the beta came back positive. Hope it does! If not then I hope the lap and hsg go smoothly and you'll be back home recovering before you know it. Think positive thoughts!

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Ditto what Mary says.
Thinking of you hun xxxxx

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You will do great! Thinking of you!

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OOOO that would be so awesome if you beta came back ++++ Smile I will def be thinking of you and hope all goes well!

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Hiya Rachael - just wanted to add my lurker good luck for you tomorrow - I'll be thinking of ya! I hope it comes back conclusive so you can get some answers. (or of course ++++ beta numbers would be even better!!!)

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Best of luck tomorrow!!

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sorry so late on this...

I really hope that everything went well today. :bighug: