Let Me Introduce You... (pg mentioned)

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Let Me Introduce You... (pg mentioned)

To my little bean!!!

I'm so excited ladies! There's a bean in there!

Doctor was great, we are very happy with him, he spent lots of time with us and talked about everything slowly and was very awesome. He got right to it because he knew with my history of blighted ovum that I was nervous!

DH and I held hands and saw our little bean for the first time! You could see the little heartbeat flashing!

Of course like I thought, I was definitely not as far along as my LMP would have placed me! I definitely ovulated way late, I am 3.5 weeks beyond the LMP DD, which makes me exactly 6w today according to how we're measuring. So, looks like I am officially a February baby! February 17th even, lol! I hope you don't mind if I still stalk both, you never know with a first pregnancy, right? Wink

DH was amazing, he is so excited. As soon as we got to the car, he handed me two little boxes from James Avery (which I never shop at because it's too freaking expensive!) Inside was a beautiful necklace and earrings:

I don't know if anyone will remember, but the dragonfly was kind of our mascot for TTC between DH and I...

I still am in shock - I guess I was half expecting nothing to be there! Lol! Someone pinch me!

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Sooooo freaking happy for you my sweet one.
Overjoyed and overnthe moon. Xxxxxx

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Thanks!!! I still can't believe it's really happening this time!

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I am SOOOOOO excited and happy for you!! Believe it, you are going to have a baby!!!!! Smile

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aww what wonderful news!!! so awesome!! wishing you the very best!!!!

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Yay! Awesome looking bean there!

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Yahoo So happy for you, Amanda! Yahoo

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Aawwww, how wonderful! Thanks for sharing your bean with us. Smile Everything is going to be perfect this time.

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo :yahoo:

CONGRATS GIRL! So happy for you!!! Yahoo