Long AF (MC mentioned)

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Long AF (MC mentioned)

WOW! AF is just starting to taper off, this is the longest I've ever bled. Is that normal? I mean I wasn't pregnant for that long so I wasn't expecting to bleed this long. I'm on day 6 and usually AF is 4 days long max. Also, I'm struggling with counting days, for instance, I would have been this many days pregnant today and so on. Am I loosing it????? I mean technically I didn't really even have time to get attached since it all happened so fast but I can't help but think that way....am I normal? Sad

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That is pretty normal when you have a m/c. Even with having a d&c my flow lasted a lot longer. And to this day I think of how old Bailey would be, what they would be doing, etc.

Hugs. If you need to talk I am around.

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So sorry you are dealing with this.

I didn't get pregnant at all with my first IVF, but just with the failed cycle, AF was a nightmare. I posted something about it and people were saying all the IVF drugs can make that cycle heavier, etc. I don't remember how long it lasted, but it was longer than usual.

Hope it ends soon for you.

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That's what DH keeps telling me too. The RE stressed that I should have a normal period and I totally didn't. I'm down to just having it when I wipe but that's still annoying!

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Oh Marisol! Continued big hugs. MC ment - my first AF after the loss was heavy and long as well. As if AF wasn't bad enough. I'm beginning to realize that what the RE considers "normal" is a varied range of things. To them perhaps abnormal means "need to seek immediate attention" KWIM? It's been 2 months and I still have days where I will think I would be X weeks pregnant right now. (A main reason why coming to p.org has been hard). Take time to grieve. Remember to be kind to yourself. By what you have shared, your feelings are valid and normal. I hope that you are able to find some peace soon. T&P are with you!!

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Hugs lovely.
With my chemicals and my first missed my af were slightly longer and heavier.
Huge love coming to you.
Wish I could make it all better xxxxx

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Totally normal for it to be heavier and longer sometimes mine would go on for 2 weeks, blah! As for thinking about the baby, totally normal. I think abou my little angles often and imagine whatntheynwould be doing now, ( walking, talking, etc.) I think it helps me cope with all the pain that came with loosing them. (((HUGS)))