Might as well join in here

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Might as well join in here

I have been ttc #2 for about 5 years... not constantly, have had to stop trying while waiting endo surgery and while I was having repeating cysts... I have severe PCOS, endo and will be 42 in a month Sad I got pregnant right after my endo surgery but my little one died about 8-9 weeks, found out at 11.5 weeks. I had my d&c April 2nd.

I really want to make my son a big brother!

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Hi Margaret - :bigarmhug: I am so sorry for the loss of your precious little one... it must be heart breaking. I hope that your son will be a big brother very soon!
You'll love the girls here - everyone is so supportive!! Welcome aboard....:)

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*hugs* Margaret, I'm sorry to find you (and me) here but it's so wonderful to find a supportive place as here.

I hope that we can make our LO's big brothers and sisters!

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:bigarmhug: Welcome! We look forward to the day you get your bfp. Our T&P are with you. Very sorry about your loss.

Although sad circumstances, I'm glad to meet you.

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Welcomee ! Sorry for your loss but dont worry God will make a way for you to get that bfp! Like i tell people all the time you never appreciate true happiness unless you have experienced sorrow first!

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Hey stranger. Sorry you have to be here, but welcome :openarms: I know what you mean about wanting to make your son a big brother. I'd love to make Hannah a big sister!

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Ditto to what Mary said...I'm also sorry to welcome you here....but glad to see you also.
You know my story..so no siblings here..but so want just 1. Smile
We'll get there...we all will I pray.

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Welcome Margaret!! So sorry we have to share this board, but still happy to have you around! Hope your stay is nice and short!

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Welcome Margaret. :wavehello: