MTFHR (sp) Question

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MTFHR (sp) Question

Well today was a serious setback for us. Sad I had the hysteroscopy and she found several polyps. Sad OB wants me to start BC pills next cycle but we are on the fence about it. She said surgery was too risky for me right now. I'm waiting for some results and then we will see the MFM dr and then DH and I have decided we want a 2nd opinion. I'm not a fan at all of BC pills but I'm also aware of the risks of surgery so I'm stuck.

I'm also a single mutation carrier for MTFHR. She assured me that single mutation, heterogeneous carriers such as myself have nothing to worry about. I know there are several woman on here that have this and I wanted to know if I should be worried.

All in all, I'm very upset. I just can't catch a break. I really hope that the MFM dr. sheds a better light on what the next step can be. At this point, I'm seriously considering calling it quits. I'm very close to my breaking point. Sad

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Hey love
Sorry for a rough appointment.
MTHFR is soooo common.
There are 3 strains but the one and I believe the only strain that effects pregnancy is being homogyous.
This is the strain I have that causes mutation due to lack of folic acid conversion.
The majority of the population has one form or another of MTHFR.
My genetic consultant even has a strain of it.

Hopefully talking to the doctor will help you both come to a decision.

Don't give up lovely.
The MTHFR isn't an issue and hopefully the polyps will be easily resolved at your meeting!!

Huge hugs my sweets
Thinking of you.


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*hugs*Like Liz said, MTHFR is common but only a concern if you have it on both genes. If you are just a carrier on one gene you are fine and it doesn't cause problems.

As for the polyps and BC. The BC is to thin your lining so they can see and remove the polyps better. Polyps can cause miscarriage and there's a small chance they could be cancerous. Regardless of your TTC plans, in my opinion I would have them removed just because of the cancer risk.

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Yes after much thought all night long I want them removed. My mom had uteran cancer in her late 30's, and this is now the 2nd time I grow polyps. I do not want to take BC for nothing... let's see what the MFM says.

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Marisol, I am so sorry you are going through all this. *Hugs* Sounds like the ladies have given you great advice and that you are making some decisions. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the best!!! Good luck at your appointment!!

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I've got the appt with MFM on the 20th. We aren't optimistic as they weren't too friendly when I spoke to them. I now have this heart thing I have to get checked out. I'm not too worried about it though.

Our plan of action if we don't get the answers we want is to just go back to the RE with all my records and have her recommend new doctors for us. We truly loved her and she was very compassionate and knows her stuff. I can't take this running around anymore, its too much for me. I've literally stressed myself out to the point that I don't want to do it anymore.

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*HUGS* Thinking of you!