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My appoinment

So I am on the train on the way back from Harley street.. M is trying to be annoying... He's bored and just burped in my face!!
He is also counting coaches on the other trains... I swear.... Remind me why I want a kid when I have him!!!!!
So we got to London 3 hours early to avoid disappointment and got some shopping in.... He bought me jeans and a coat fir Christmas!!!
Anyway I digress!
Mr rai is very nice. A little mumbly and seems to crack jokes we don't quite get... But he is sweet. Almost Kenneth williamsesque.

He said that I have hyper fertility... It is not normal to get pregnant as often and as quick and in my case it's not good as the lining doesn't build up.
He says in a normal woman the window of fertility is small and mine isn't so I may catch eggs that are decreasing in well being also.

For this he is putting my cyclogest meds up to 400 mg every night from 2 or 3 days past o up to the potential 12 weeks.
He is also sending me fir more bloods. One kristi mentioned MP something or other.
TEG too... I can't remember it all. But he wants to retest for lupus too and do another hcg or hag always get that mixed up.. To check fir scarring after the d and c's.
So... I will wait on the letter and book the appointment.
He says that we have 2 things in our favour... My age... Apparently he sees older women and that we can get pregnant.
So now we wait until the results are back.
As much as I am chomping at the bit.. I am quite pleased we'll probably miss the next cycle too as I really don't want 12 weeks to hit Easter again!! Another m/c over Easter would be the straw that broke the camels back!!!

Right best fly... M is making a fuss!! Lol kids eh?
Who'd ave em!!!!!

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Ooooo I forgot... This is interesting!!
He asked if I took aspirin... I told him I was allergic.
He said good because a lot of women who take it without it being prescribed are not helping themselves.
He said best case scenario is does nothing.., worst case it drops the chance
Of conceiving by 20%.
Hopefully lots will read thus and look into it!!!!

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LOL @ M!! Yes, men are just bigger kids! Biggrin

I'm glad you have some answers. It is great you conceive quickly, so once they get all your labs back they can better help with the next pregnancy. Cyclogest meds, is that progesterone? If so, I think that's great they are going to increase it for you. I have a friend who suffered recurrent m/c's and with her last pregnancy they put her on Lovenex. It was a daily injection I believe. It must have worked because that was the pregnancy she carried to term. Also, if they suspect your lining isn't quiet thick enough I'm wondering if they will have you take some sort of estrogen before ovulation to help with that. I know with one of my IUI cycles my lining was thin and they had me take estrogen for a couple days and it worked like a charm! Nice lining by the time I ovulated and had my IUI. I am very hopeful for you Liz! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers hun!

Interesting about low dose aspirin...

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Liz that sounds great that you got some answers and he is so positive. Good Luck!

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Sounds like a great appointment! Happy to hear that the doctor feels good about things.

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Sounds like a good appointment. Hope this will be the missing piece of the puzzle for you!

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YAY!!! i am so glad the appt went well. I am a firm believer that often times it just takes finding the right Dr. I am keeping everything crossed that this is the answer to your prayers!!!

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Liz sounds great! YES, I think Rachael had mentioned the asprin thing one time!! I hope this is it and soon you will be able to TTC and have a beautiful healthy baby!! :bighug:

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Here is to a BIG fat healthy lining!!! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks my lovelies!!!!!!!
Roll on 2012!!!!
May it be all our special year!!!!!!

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Glad to hear had some definitely knowledge on the subject!! So, take a break right now, get the testing done, have some drinks for the holidays!

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**Lurker** sounds like you are on the right path and I hope you get pregnant soon!!! Interesting about the asprin!

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"girlisrad" wrote:


Here is to a BIG fat healthy lining!!! :bigarmhug:

Ditto. :goodluck: my friend!

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Your M sounds like my M, ha! Men!!! :eyeroll:

So glad your appointment went well and it sounds like something that, over time, the doctor can help with and will eventually end in your take-home baby. It sounds like he is very positive and hopeful for y'all.

So, like Rachael said, celebrate the holiday and rest up for 2012!

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Im glad you got some answers!!! I hope you have a sticky bean because u deserve it !

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Love you!!!

I'm so glad you are on the right path. I hope that he can get your lining nice and thick and pillowy for a beautiful tiny little speck to dig into.