My current status (loss ment)

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My current status (loss ment)

Because of the house buying going so quick and all, everything TTC has been on hold. Last weekend though I discovered something brilliant! Fitocracy!

Here's how it started. I went to DH and I gave him an ultimatum. No more fertility treaments until he quits smoking. I pointed out to him that the one (verified) time that IUI worked was the one time his count was the highest before he started smoking. Since then they have all failed (well, the last on in Jan/Feb *may* have been a chemical due to faint tests around 9DPO but by beta HCG was 0). DH started smoking after that one successful cycle (he claims) due to the stress of the loss.

This is where Fitocracy comes in. I found the app as it was very popular on the app store for iPhone. It has quests and challenges and levels and points and I thought this would be perfect for DH! So, I gave him a challenge. He has to quit smoking by May 1 and that day we both start a Fitocracy challenge against each other for 3 months. It takes 3 months for new sperm to grow (he thought it was a few weeks, he was shocked to hear it takes 3 months!), and at the end whomever has the highest level acheived wins! We haven't agreed on who gets what if we win yet though.....

DH has wanted to quit for a while and the smoking grosses me out so much that I don't even want to be in the same bed as him anymore. I hate the smell on him, his clothes, hair, skin. I don't even want to kiss him or hold hands anymore because it makes me so ill. It's kind of hard to TTC when I don't want to be near him due to the smoke smell! We didn't even DTD this month yet, not since before my last AF. I'm not sure I even O'd this cycle thoug as I had negative OPKs from CD12 to CD17 that never got lighter at all.... Oh well, probably good as we move in 2 weeks!

Aside from that, I'm also starting accupuncture this Friday to go along with the 3 month challenge. I know most treatment plans are initially 12 weeks so it should time out well with the challenge.

I've been so blah lately with everything being on hold and with packing and moving and clutter. It's nice to have a new plan right now.

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That sounds like an awesome plan to me!!
Something fir you both to focus on!
Glad dh is on board too.

Have you moved yet?
I am way behind everything!!!

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We get our keys two weeks tomorrow. I can't wait! Then we have three weeks overlap before we have to move from our old place to the new one. Lots of time to move boxes slowly.

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Rachael, that sounds like a great plan. DH used to smoke and I was on his case about it for years. Finally after an appointment with our fertility specialist 5 yrs ago, he decided he wanted to stop. He took the Chantix and it helped. He hasn't touched a cigarette since. I'm going to give you some advice, make sure you have healthy snacks around b/c they miss the hand to mouth movement and will just start eating. Also, he will be VERY moody, just let it roll off your back. Also, he will become the biggest hypocrite about smoking ever. My hubby can't stand the smell and couldn't believe how much a non-smoker is affected by it. Good luck

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It's amazing what simple health practices can do for infertility. When I found out I didn't have the best ovaries or many eggs, I quit drinking alcohol and caffeine. I believe this helps. My husband finally started taking a multivitamin! When it has taken this long and still no kid, you are willing to try anything, right?

I wish him well in quitting.

It was nice to see you on the IVF board. I didn't get on much during my IVF stuff b/c it was just too much stress. I lived my life like IVF wasn't going on. It wasn't easy to NOT think about it. I just finished my first cycle, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck.