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It was fast!! I was in and out in about 70 mins.
And my doctor actually came to the hospital too, I didn't realize he would be the one doing it, I thought he just ordered it from there. So that was excellent!

It wasn't too painful. There was alot of cramping, but he said that was because he actually needed to put quite a bit of pressure in to get the dye to flow through the tubes. He said that might actually help me alot!! (I guess they were gunky or twisted or something, and now they are not??) The nurse said the same thing on the way out! Yahoo
After the dye did go through, he said everything looks great!

YAY!!!! Huge relief!! I am SO Happy!!

He said to do the OPK's and keep up with the clomid, and see if I ovulate. If I'm ovulating, I'll stay on the 50 mg of Clomid for the next two cycles after this one and see what happens!!!

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Woo Hoo! Sounds like an excellent appointment!!!! Good luck this cycle - catch that eggie!!!

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Sounds like a good result! Here's hoping it helps and you get preggo right away!

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Awesome news!!!!!

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Thank you ladies!

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:woohoo: Yay!!! I hope that you'll be getting your BFP very soon now that everything's nice and clear!!! Smile