My news Pgment...cautiously

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My news Pgment...cautiously

Morning girlies!!

So on 7dpo I go a faint line...wasn't sure if it was real so have tested every day bar today and yup its real!!!

The colour has gone from strength to strength!!!!

Have had 3 blodds startin on 9dpo through to 16dpo so far....first was 13...second 196 and the 3rd was 526

Averages out at doubling every 30 hours!!

Never had such a high reading for 16dpo!!!!

Mind you between 13 and 196 it was doubling every 24 hours!!

Then 196 to 526 was every 50...was pleased the numbers slowed a bit as google paniced me about molars!!!

So...more bloods Monday!
I have to schedule my scan around the 22nd and I hope it will be booked in for NY day or there abouts at 8 weeks!!!

Exciting stuff!!!!


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SO SO SO SO excited!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::jumpingbeans::wootjump::wootjump:

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So very excited for you! And glad it is now public on the org. Love you!

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Hanks girls love you too xccx

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Congratulations sweetie!! So very happy for you!

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Thanks love

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oh my goodness!!!! That's amazing honey!!!!! I'm so so excited for you!!!! You deserve this so much!


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Thanks Susan!!!
Very nervous and excited!!!

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THRILLED!!!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin Congratulations, Liz!!!! Sending lots of sticky thoughts & prayers your way... Smile :) Smile

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Thank love!!

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Happy Anniversary, eh?!


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AHHHH, LIZ!! Congrats, my love!!

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What wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!!!

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Thanks girls!!! Nervous time here!! Thank god for Christmas!!! Xxxxxx

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I'm right there with you... after 2 years of 2 early miscarriages and multiple fruitless Clomid and injections attempts, I am 5 weeks myself and going for my first ultrasound next Friday... crossing my fingers because my 2 miscarriages occurred when my baby stopped developing between 5-6 weeks. I'm also 43 years old, so I know I am working against the odds.

Congratulations and baby dust to you...

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Good luck and congrats to you too

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OMG Congrats Liz!!!!! Smile

This is so wonderful....think positive happy thoughts! /hugs

p.s. great betas!!!

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OOOOMMMMMMGGEEEEEEEE!!! Lizzzzzz omg Congratsss!! Def praying for you my sweet!!! Ahhh im soo happyy

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Congrats! I was in here a few days ago and saw your ticker at something like 17DPO. I know you and when it gets that high there is usually something going on!

I will be stalking you!

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Thanks girls!!!

Rachael...don't give my secrets away!!! hahahaha xxxxx

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Congrats Liz!!! Yahoo Sending all the sticky vibes I can muster your way!

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Already said it elsewhere, but had to say it again here.... CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

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Thanks girls Smile