My november appointment has moved..

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My november appointment has moved..

To tomorrow.
I had an appointment through for nov just after I had gone in for surgery and because my consultant had mentioned clexane shots I didn't chase it up for being to far in the future... Was way too scared... But obviously this has been spotted and Friday I had a change of appointment through for tomorrow.
I know he checked the thickness of my lining too so I guess he'll fill me in.
But I am terrified of him saying I have to have daily injections.
He mentioned putting me on estrogen before I went under in the OR and then after he said about clexane.
I have a couple of friends and my brother who are diabetic and are reassuring me.
I am not bad with needles but it's the idea of doing it myself that freaks me out.
What if I inject an air bubble or do it wrong??
What if it really hurts!!
All these what ifs!!
It's not even a dead cert that this is what's going to happen but!!!
That's the latest!!!
Fingers crossed for me please.

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Yay for your appt being moved up! Smile Clexane, been there/done that. It's not all that bad really, got bruised some, etc, trick is to ice the area up first. If you really really really want a baby, it's just something some of us have to wind up using. When I was pregnant with my 1st son, it was Clexane twice daily, I remember having the biggest sharpie box. Smile

Hang in there and good luck!

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TWICE daily!!!!!?????????
Well you all know I really really want a baby so I guess it's a case of sucking it up.
Still blooming scary though. Smile
Was it once morning and once evening?

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Best of luck tomorrow! I'm going for my followup with my RE tomorrow as well to get the results of the 3D ultrasound and blood work and get a plan!

Injections aren't that bad. I find it takes me a few minutes of psyching myself up to do them. But mine weren't bad. Not sure about this Clexane you talk of though. Hopefully it isn't that bad!

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Good luck Rachel!!!!!!!!
Let us know how you get on.

I can imagine hovering a needle over my tum or thigh and counting down from 3 about a 100 times until I either chicken out and call the doctor or just jab it in lol

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With Kyle, it was twice a day. This time around, with IVF, I did once a day for 2-3 months till they retested my bloodwork and decided I didn't need it since my antibodies were normal. IVF was much harder, shots in the tummy, shots in the butt. I don't regret a single ounce of pain though. Smile Even the times when I was walking like I rode a horse all day, LOL.

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That's great! Listen when I started the IVF I nearlly had a panic attack when I had to do the first needle and it ended up being nothing!! No joke they don't hurt, you will get a bit bruised but that's about it!!! I did 3 a day, and right now I'm doing 2 and will be bumped up to 3 shortly in my tummy!

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crossing everything for you. :goodluck:

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Thanks for the info girls.
I am back already... Never been seen so quick!!
Wasn't with mr h so the clexane thing is still up in the air.
But looks like all is good.
Been discharged from the rmu now!!
Just need to call when preggers to get an early scan.
Now just waiting on a letter to say about clexane and just to say about the appointment.
All is good in the hood!!!!

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Liz the needles aren't so bad, you get use to them. So do this mean your back to trying.

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Glad all went well at your appt Liz! Smile All the best hun!! I know if you do end up needing shots daily you'll be a rockstar! It will be all worth it in the end! Wink

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Liz, so happy you got in earlier then nov. I haven't taken any shots for TTC but I am a type 1 diabetic and was on four shots a day before the pump. Like everyone has said no big deal you get so use to them. Will DH do the first one for you so you can close your eyes and NOT watch? Even IF (big if) there is pain it will be soooo worth it. I hope it will be a very short journey from here for you.

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Wow, things are moving fast for you, girlie!!!!!! Smile I'm thrilled, & hope things will keep moving right along for you!!! Smile :) Smile
I had to do hcg shots for our IUI's... ice first definitely helped for me so that it didn't hurt, and I am a huge weenie wuss when it comes to inflicting pain of any kind upon
KUP on how things go....!!

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Thanks girls!!!

Should be oing today so... Watch this space!!!

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So excited!

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