My shipment from UPS

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My shipment from UPS

Just to give you all a idea of what you get for IVF Smile

4 boxes of Menopur (stim)
1 box hcg (trigger shot)
2 boxes Crinone (progesterone)
sharps container, alcohols swabs, bandages
Follistim pen
4 boxes of Follistim cartridges (stim)
5 boxes of Ganirelix (stops me from ovulating) pre-filled syringes
misc. syringes and needles (for the Menopur and hcg)

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? LOL. So, for this cycle (well, my July/Aug cycle) my doc has me on a progesterone withdrawl protocol. Basically, I will take Crinone (progesterone) for 7 days and stop. Once I get AF, I'll go in for baseline b/w and u/s on Day 2. Start Menopur and Follistim on Day 2... typically, I'll stim for 10-11 days. Ganirelix will be added in probably around Day 6 or 7 (so 3 shots a day for 4-5 days.. ICK!) Then when things finally look good, hcg trigger and 36 hours later egg retrieval!

Then, depending on how many embryos I'll have a 3dt of 3 embryos or a 5dt of 2 embryos. I've never made it to a 5dt transfer but one can always hope.

Just thought I'd share.

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Just stalking you Wink LOL...You do get quite a bit of stuff for IVF. Would you believe me if I told you I still have all the bottles from all 3 cycles? LOL....

I am so looking forward to seeing your BFP. I will keep praying for you!!!!


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Wowzers...thats a lot of stuff.
Good luck

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Thanks Tamika!!! I would believe it... I still have so many "extra" supplies it's ridiculous. I should take a picture of that!!! LOL. I just packed everything up that was "extra" because I know I'm not going to use any of it. Next time I go to RE, I'm going to give them all of it to get it out of my house. Last cycle I cleaned out my fridge of all the gonal-f pens that were partially used cause my doc switched me from gonal-f to Follistim. I have no idea why I kept them as they are only good for 30 days once they have been pierced... but oh well Smile

Liz: LOL... you should've seen my face the first time I got a box of IVF supplies! Wish I would've had a camera Smile

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wow, i had no idea that's what it consisted of until you girls posted pics! amazing...

good luck!!

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OMG that is so much stuff! Scary! Good luck with it all though!

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I agree with Mari..its like information overload!.
I have a lot of respect for you ladies not being totally daunted by all this!!!

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Wow! :eek: GL this cycle! We are all rooting for you! :bounce8: