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My update

Hi everyone, sorry I've been MIA for a while...I had a great holiday but have been a little stressed and almost a little depressed since my Dec 8 appt.

I had a pelvic u/s in Oct, and this appt was a follow up from that. Basically, my reproductive system is a bit of a mess right now. There's a little endo cyst on the right ovary, a fibroid in my uterus (which apparently is now tilted????) and a "mass" on or near my left ovary.

What the heck...?! When I was pg with Evie none of these things were I assumed they didn't exist. So did they ALL happen after Evie was born...??

Plus my Day 2 TSH/FSH is now 15 (it was 10 back in May). Basically, it's getting harder for me to get pg.

So, my fertility is decreasing, I have a mass of who-knows-what, and then I got another blow from DH, who was *really* not into IVF. He said he was ok with one child, since he was an only child himself. Of course, I am totally NOT OK with this, I want at least one more child so that Evie has a sibling...and frankly, b/c I want to be pg and care for a baby again before I get too old.

So the past 4-6 wks have totally sucked. I was really unhappy and frightened.

Anyways, DH and I went to see the dr today after I had another pelvice u/s on Jan 5. Everything is still as is, but the dr said that based on what he saw, it's not likely to be cancer, so I was VERY relieved to hear this. However, b/c the "mass" (which he believes is an endo cyst as well) is fairly large, they want it dealt with before proceeding with any fertility procedures. He has booked me a pelvic MRI for Feb 1, and then I need to see my GYN to determine how best to deal with the "mass", possibly require surgery to remove it.

So, I will have to wait a bit - a couple or so months?? - before we can proceed with IVF.

And after many discussions, with DH - he did finally come around and say ok with IVF.

I am not entirely happy with this delay and my stupid reproductive issues...but at least we are getting somewhere finally.

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Sounds like a really, really tough time for you. About some issues, I could have written your post myself many times in the past 6 months. Like you, major problems have arisen, and fast, since my last pregnancy. Every time I saw the RE, it has been worse news. It's really unbelievable how things can change so quickly. It's been a struggle to accept, and I really haven't come across many others in which that has happened to. I have felt so alone at times. Similarly, my DH was against IVF-really intervention of any kind(he has since agreed-after much discussion). It has been incredibly emotionally difficult to deal with all the problems physically that have happened to me, then to have DH not really on board or understanding......just a nightmare on top of a nightmare. So I can totally feel your pain, it is not a nice place to be at all. Added on your worries regarding the findings on the poor girl!

I am really glad your DH is supporting you now and you can go through IVF. I hope your diagnostics/surgery go quickly so you can get started sooner rather than later. I hope it is giving you some peace that there is a plan in place. Please keep us posted on how you are doing!

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Sophia, glad to see you're posting, I've been wondering how you're doing.

All of this very hard to digest, so it's no wonder you've been depressed. A lot of this could have happened after Evie was born...after I had Connor everything fell apart for me. In the past 4 years I've had LEEP surgery (cervical cancer scare), LAP with a tube removal, saline sono's, and recently a Hysteroscopy. My body is now ready for IVF and as much as we hate having to go through surgeries, we do it in order to make our dreams come true.

Big hugs....

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I've been lurking this board intermittently in hopes of an update from you Smile I think about you often in light of TTC stuff. I would be depressed in your shoes too. Heck, I'm dealing with less time/less complications with TTC and I'm having a hard time keeping my head above water emotionally. Sad You are so strong. I look up to you as I go through this stuff!

I'm sorry to hear that stuff has cropped up since having Evie, but I am glad to hear that your DH has come around to IVF.


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Definitely a tough time Sophia. I'm sorry to hear all of what you've been going through. I hope that you can get all the issues taken care of quickly so you can move on to IVF (which I'm so glad your husband came around on). It took my husband awhile to come around to IVF as well. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best!!

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I am so sorry that you are having such problems. Big hugs! I need to come down to Calgary sometime so we can meet and give each other support in person.

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Soo sorry your having complications ! I hope you have better luck with IVF!

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:bigarmhug:I was wondering where you've been, I still love to stalk my old JLIH-ers and I hadn't seen you in a bit so I figured you took a board break, we all need one now and then. I'm sorry the last few weeks have been rough for you, I really hope 2012 is much kinder to you Sophia. Smile Good luck moving forward with IVF.

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Sophia, I am glad you posted an update! I am sorry things are crazy right now for you and I hope that you can get all these issues taken care of and move onto the ivf! Sending hugs and prayers for you!

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So sorry to hear of all your going through!! At least, if anything, now you "know" what's going on- and can be more hopeful after you get everything taken care of!! Men can be frusterating too.. maybe he just said that about only wanting one to make you feel better?? I sometimes feel like Kevin changes his mind about if he wants another one based on how stressed out I am or upset- kind of like telling me "it's okay if we CAN ONLY have one" but they don't realize thats NOT what we want to hear!!!

So glad about the IVF plans- Can't wait to read that you're pregnant!!

Hang in there!! I'm thinking of you!!

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So sorry, Sophia. Thank you for giving an update, I was wondering how you were doing.

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Glad to hear an update! Sorry you have to put it on hold for a bit but it might be nice to have a plan! I hope you can get the surgery sooner rather than later and get started on the IVF process!!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words, it really helps me get through this. The tough part right now is that, added to all this, I now have kidney transplant issues. The worst part is that I don't even know what is causing them...but I am hoping it is only temporary....?? Seems like these days, I can't catch a break!

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"yipeeladybug" wrote:

Thanks everyone for the kind words, it really helps me get through this. The tough part right now is that, added to all this, I now have kidney transplant issues. The worst part is that I don't even know what is causing them...but I am hoping it is only temporary....?? Seems like these days, I can't catch a break!

Aww, Sophia, I'm sorry Sad I hope and pray it gets better :bighug: