Need advise...strange bleeding.

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Need advise...strange bleeding.

Good Morning ladies,

I'm currently on CD13, not TTC... Yesterday after working out I went to walk my dog and noticed I got a very very dull pain in my lower abdomen. I went to the bathroom like 30 min after and I have bloody discharge. This morning I still have it. :confused: We DTD on Sunday night, not in any unusual way, etc. I would like to give it a day or two before calling the OB. I really don't feel like sitting in the OB's office and seeing big baby bellies. Sad

I googled it and I came across some posts that say after a miscarriage the cervix can get irritated. Could it be that?? I'm not soaking a pad but it's definitely there when I wipe.

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It could be a cyst that burst or you could be bleeding during ovulation. If it continues and you have pain, call the doctor so they could do an ultra sound to be sure. Good luck

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I can't offer any help I am afraid...but I can offer a huge hug.
I hope its okay

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I had weird bleeding after my m/c and my doctor said it was normal.