Need a hug today...

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Need a hug today...

I'm usually strong and able to get by when bad things happen. Last week our dryer died and we had to buy a new pair (the washer was 20+ years old so better to just buy a new set). Yes, it means we had to do it on a payment plan but there was no option. It did add stress though and we are very low on $$$ right now.

But then this weekend I got AF.

And this weekend we found out DH's sister is pregnant again. 15 weeks and she didn't even know. They have a 1.5 year old and barely enough to take care of themselves as it is.

To add to that, last night my dog would not calm down. Crying and whining and barking all night long. I had to give him one of his pain pills at 6AM just to get him to sleep (he has arthritis). I see that he has a corneal ulcer (he has dry eye) that I can see and I think he has an ear infection and a UTI. But we are so broke due to the washer/dryer we can't afford the vet until Thursday. And even with that, most of that pay cheque is already allotted to other payments this Thursday so we really still can't afford the vet. And we still owe my sister $700 from the last emergency vet visit we had in August. I've been trying to save up to pay her back but we keep getting emergencies that use up our money!

Then DH lost his keys this morning so he has mine. I totally forgot that my desk key is on there, and I'm at work but locked out of my desk. We changed our dress code last week to business casual (from very casual/jeans/tshirts) and here I am in my hiking shoes because I can't get to my work heals which are locked in my desk. I know management isn't happy with me about it.

And I've been dying my hair with henna since June, but recently decided I want to go back to natural. Unfortunately, henna is permanent. You can bleach it a bit, but not a lot and the red colour will always show. Now my roots are about an inch growing in and it looks horrible. I really need a hair appointment to get some colour correction but I can't afford it either.

So yeah..I hit critical mass. I just can't do it all today. I need someone to step in and take control and make the decisions as I can't. I give up today.... I want to crawl into a hole and ignore the world.

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You know how sometimes it just feels better to write things down.....

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Hugs! Hope your day gets better.

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oh no! this sounds like a terrible few days! Sad

Big hugs honey, i'm so sorry you are having such a hard time!

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Oh no! When it rains it pours doesn't it! *HUGS* I hope your day gets better and everything starts to pan out so you have less stress.

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Sending you a great big :bighug: Sorry things have been so rough, I hope it turns around for you soon,

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Oh Rachael, when it rains, it pours. I'm so sorry you are going through this. :bigarmhug::bigarmhug:Hopefully everything will get situated very soon for you. As for your hair, the big thing is the ombre look where either the roots are darker than the bottom or lighter, so just tell everyone that is what you are going for.

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I hope your week has gotten better.

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Oh sweetie
I am sorry its beenso rough.
I hope the last few days have improved!!

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