Need your left side O vibes

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Need your left side O vibes

Well, AF showed yesterday which means I start injectibles tomorrow! eek!! Kinda scared at the process. Oh well, I'm in for it now.

So, being that I only have the left side, please send me all the left side O vibes you can!

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Sending major vibess

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Oh Rachel, so sorry!! Wishing you all the best!!! sending you all the O vibes in the world!!

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Sending you all the O vibes I can muster!!! We are opposites. I needs right O vibes, so lets make a deal I will send you my left and you send me your right K? Wink One thing that I found super helpful for injectibles was watching youtube videos. Lots of girls on there have been nice enough to share their tips and trick that my RE never told me Smile good luck girl!!!

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Sending you all the left O vibes I can muster, also stalking you to see how this turns out. Im a lefty too and I will start my injections in November. What are you going to be using and how much.

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I am sending all the vibes possible lovely!!!
With all of us you will be overloaded with vibes and that will mean a huge gorgeous egg will erupt and give you triplets!!!!
Good luck sweetie!!!

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Best of luck! Praying for your left side to pull it together for you! Keep us posted!

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Best of luck! I'm sure you'll get plenty on the left side! Smile I wound up with 3 good eggs last IUI on my left.

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Sending lots and lots of left side O vibes your way!!! :vibes:

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Thank you girls! I even have a few of the nurses at the clinic sending me lefty vibes!! Smile

Well, I got my meds this morning. My dose is 66IU each night for the next 5 nights, then I go for bloods/ultrasound next Wednesday morning to see where I am response wise. 80% of my meds are covered so I'm paying about...$90 for the dosages I got. I might have to get another cartidge though if they have to up my dosage at all before O.

I was a little concerned as my cyst is still there on the left side but my doc wants to go ahead either way and see how I respond!

I start tonight. I got to "test" injecting into a foam cube and I did it perfectly per the nurse. Going to be a little odd doing it to myself though.

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Just dropping in to send you some serious lefty O vibes!!! GL Rachael, I'll be stalking ya to see how it all goes - everything crossed for you!!!

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I can't believe it. I finally got up enough courage to talk to my new manager (new - in the last 10 months that is. My old manager knew about it). She was so happy for me and actually a little excited! I was really nervous as I'm not good about personal stuff (got a little teary and I tend to go bright red - being a blonde and all). But, it's done. I'm ok to come in late the days I need to go to the clinic even if I'm training someone next week.

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Good luck!! This is so exciting!! I hope you get a BFP!!

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Good luck Rachel! Within the next few days you'll be a total pro at it. Oh, this is exciting!

Go lefty, go!!!:kaos3:

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GL! I'm assuming you are taking Follistim in the pen and it's SO easy, no worried there. Sending lots of left side O vibes!!

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It's the puregon pen, but I think it's the same thing just different brand. I took my first dose last night and it was a little scary but I did it. Smile

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Can't wait to stalk you!!! Come on left side!!! Yahoo

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:vibes: Left side o'ing vibes :vibes: a.k.a., prayer! Smile

Really hope this is THE cycle for you!

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and Yahoo I'm so glad your boss is so understanding and forgiving of you possibly coming in late. Yahoo