Nervous Nellie! Advice wanted :)

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Nervous Nellie! Advice wanted :)

For the first time in over a year, I'm going to the doctor! I finally found a new ObGyn, and hopefully will get some real testing done and will hopefully be able to find a reason why I'm not baking a baby yet.

So, since I'm feeling a little rusty, do you lovely ladies have any suggestions for questions I should be asking that maybe havent been thought of before?

Thanks bunches Smile


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Hey nessa!!

Yay to finding new doc!!
The last sounded like a piece of work!!!

First I would address the tube that seemed to be blocked.
Ask about that.

Do you track your cycles?
Do you know how long on average it us?
When you o?
Having that info can lead to lots of questions.

I am not sure if it's the same over there... I think it is... But if you haven't conceived after a year... 6 months if you are older like a lot of us... They should run tests. Like checking you are oing. Progesterone levels.
I was tested for lupus and other things I have no idea what though... Sorry!
Only this year after 7 failed pregnancies did I get tested for mthfr... A mutation gene inheriated which was positive for the homogyous strain.
Ask about that.
Hmmm.... Can't think if anything else.
I am sure I will once I can get your cycle in my head!!and I am sure the other ladies will have input too.

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Yeah I def think that pesky tube needs to be addressed!

Okay, so I haven't tracked my ovulation for the last year, cuz of hubby's back problems. But for a year and a half before that I took the digi ovulation tests and got positives on day 12-14 of my cycle (it varied a little), and my cycles are fairly regular at 28 days, though this month it was four days early. Go figure. I usually experience uterine cramping in he middl of my cycle, not sure what that's about. And my breasts get really really sore from my o date until my period. Not sure why they get that bad?

Im def going to ask to get all my blood work done, and more in depth. I want a new HSG. I was also planning on asking if there is any way to make sure my eggies are maturing completely and being released. I also was planning on asking about a post-coital test to see if my cm really is "hostile" like the one doc "guessed" it "might" be.

Btw congrats on the good docs appt you had Smile Sorry about the shots though, that's kinda icky, but I hope it works out super well for you soon Smile :)

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Early af could mean you o'd early or maybe a anno...erm... Can't remember the word... But basically once in a blue moon you don't o.
Kind of like a break I guess.

Have you heard of preseed?
It's a sperm friendly lube.... May help with hostile cm too... But not sure... We use it and love it!!!

You can get blood tests to check you o... From early on I think cd 7 and then 21.
It does sound like you have a pretty standard cycle and o normally... I o between 12 and 14 too!!!

From what you said about the last doc I would be disinclined to think ever again on what he said!
Go with a fresh look to the new re!!
Tell him about the old doc... But don't focus on what he said!!!!

The problem here with me is that because I have been pregnant my diagnosis and experience is probably going to be different to yours.

There are girls on this board who like you didn't fall at all but now they have their lo... Once they found the right doc it was all mostly plain sailing for them.
I really hope they read this and chime in.

A hsg is good in more wYs than one.
After my first one I was pregnant the next month... And I believe the majority of ladies on here were too!!!
Although I have to say there is a chance it can be inaccurate!!!
My last one I was told I had serious adhesions from my d and c's, explaining my chemical pregnancies.
So I was put on a forced break til surgery!
I had that in June... And surprise surprise... There were no adhesions!!!
The consultant who did the surgery said he thought they could be unreliable!
I spoke to the consultant who ordered this hsg... One of the top miscarriage guys in england and ge said the adhesions may have broken down when I was being dilated.... Who do I believe? No idea!!!

Thanks for the well wishes!!!

When's your appointment?

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Lol I know what you're saying, I can't remember the word either. Yeah this cycle has just been weird. Af started yesterday afternoon, and it's over already, never had cramps or backaches, so idk what's going on! I've had a chest cold so I'm figuring that just put everything out of whack.

Love love love preseed! Now that we're actively trying again I'm gonna go get some more.

Our experiences are way different, but I really appreciate all the support. Sometimes it helps just to talk with someone who actually knows emotionally what you're going through, so thank you Smile

WoW! I can't believe they made a mistake like that. Yikes! That's rough.

Tomorrow!! My appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I'm super excited, and super terrified lol! Fingers crossed right? Smile

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Only I day of af?
What was it like?

Have you thought about testing?
You may be one if the ladies who get implantation bleeding?

Yeah.... Put us back 6 months!!! And at my age those 6 months were crucial... But hey ho!!!
These things are sent to try us!!!

Exciting for tomorrow!!!!!

Write things down as you think of them so you don't forget!!!!

Please keep us posted on what happens!!!!!!

Good luck love!!!

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Go and test Nessa! One day for AF is not normal but could be implantation! Good Luck. Also, before any testing most doctors want to see charts.

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Margaret and Liz, it was only one day but it was pretty heavy. Highly doubt that it was implantation, though wouldn't that be an awesome surprise!!! I'll have them check at my appointment tomorrow.

I charted everything for a year and a half before. If the doc tries to make me wait to do tests because he wants me to re-chart my head might seriously explode right here in the office! LoL

Ugh I just can't wait to get it all started...