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hi my name is amanda and its officially been two years! I had fertility issues when i was tring for my first we tried for like a year then i took three months of clomid and it worked i now have been tring to have another for over two years i have been diganosed with pcos but they have never seen a cyst? i also have thyroid problems which i now controll with meds I have offically tried clomid fermera and maxed out on the dosage of each now i am on injectables gonal f i am on cycle day 9 i went in for blood work yesterday they said my numbers were only 38 they wanted them to be 100 so i am now on 150 iu each day i do not know what is gonna happen i want to hope that its all gonna work but i am not so sure anymore,
thanks for reading i am sorry its such a long post. venting does help sometimes

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Welcome!! You will find that the ladies here are great, helpful, super supportive, and best of all they understand Smile I also have be diagnosed with PCOS and I never have the typical pearl like cysts that can be seen on US. PCOS can sometimes just be about ratios of different hormones and sometimes the cysts, or follicles can only be seen at certain times durring your cylce.......Hope that helps. Anywho, I hope that your stay here is short and sweet and that your new injectable cocktail will do the trick for you!! Smile

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Hi amanda

so sorry its me so long to greet you!
Lovely to meet you!
A friend of mine has very mild PCOS and has never had cysts or anything.
I hope your numbers have gone up and as Carissa said I hope that your official stay here is short but sweet but you can still hang out with us.
Let us know how you are doing!

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When I did 1 cycle of injectibles with IUI... I think my numbers were about the same. With the increased dose, you should see a rise in your E2. I would always start off slow and then I would just skyrocket toward the end of my cycle.

Just keep hoping because anything can happen Smile *HUGS* Good luck and KUP!

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Well I went in for blood work tues and my levels were 62 and I went back today I have 6 eggs three are 6 and three are 8 I am waiting for my blood results from today hopefully its good news on my numbers I am day 12. Is that normal sizes for them at this time

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Welcome and good luck with everything :bigarmhug:

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Hey Amanda!

Welcome! I had the same thing happen when I did injections - I have PCOS quite badly. My E2 levels would be low low low and then they would shoot up out of normal range - it's a crazy rollercoaster! My other side effect on the meds was weight gain (100lbs in total over 3 yrs!)

I hope your stay here is short n' sweet but like the others said, I hope you stay to chat Smile


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Hi Amanda. So sorry you have to be on this board, but we are happy to have the company here.

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all the PCOS and hormone stuff you are going through, but just wanted to say best of luck to you. The ladies here are so sweet and so wonderful. And like you said, sometimes you just need to vent.

Hope your stay here is short and sweet. In the meantime enjoy an iced mocha latte. :cuppajoe:

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Good luck Amanda! Glad you found us here, all the ladies here are very understanding and supportive. It's just been 2 yrs TTC #2 for me as well, so I sort of understand your frustrations.

And please - vent away!! That is what we are all here for - to vent and to support. Smile

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Welcome and good luck!!

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Hi Amanda, welcome to the board..!!! You've just found one of the greatest groups of gals out there... everyone is so wonderfully encouraging & supportive!!

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Welcomeeee Amandaaa!!!! Feel free to laugh cry and occassionally celebrate with us !!!