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    Default New and confused

    Hello ladies
    I hope you don't mind me joining your board. It seems pretty active..

    Quick history getting to know me: we have one beautiful 3 year old son that we conceived naturally on our own. We have been TTC #2 since with no luck. . I started clomid 1 1/2 years ago, took it for 7 cycles, got pregnant twice and mc both times. . We have since been seeing a fertility specialist and have completed all testing(also hsg) and they have found pcos. Boo! I started metformin 3 weeks ago after my hsg. Wish me luck! I will start the injectables with iui when my next cycle starts (who knows bc they are all over the place).

    I do have a quick ? If you don't mind....I have never spotted until my last cycle when I spotted off and on for 3 weeks so after a neg, test they went ahead with the hsg. Since then I have been heavy bleeding (3weeks) but I feel like this is a real cycle now just super long. Do you think the metformin could be affecting this or the hsg? I have Also been going to the chiropractor....trying anything. I'm going to call my fert. Nurse tomorrow but just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

    Thanks ladies-

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    I would say it is more likely the hsg then then the metformin. I have been on met for 10 years and have never heard anyone have heavy bleeding on it. PCOS can make you have heavy bleeding - especially if your cycles are long.

    I have had PCOS for 26 years so if you have questions just ask.


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    Hi there

    Lovely to meet you.
    I am afraid I can't answer the question as I have had no experience with either...only the HSG and it was okay.
    So sorry.
    I just wanted to welcome you.
    Hope your ttc journey isn't too much longer.
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    Thanks so much!!!! Great hearing from you. I called the fert. nurse today and she said it just sounds like a crazy cycle. it sounds like we'll be waiting a while before we can try IUI since we don't know timing and when to start the injectables.

    And thanks Margaret-I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS 3 weeks ago so I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. And best wishes to all of us!!!

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