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Thread: New-ish and frustrated

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    So I went to my Dr. on Tuesday and she convinced me to call the fertility clinic now instead of waiting because it can take a while to get in to them. She says I will most likely put on medicine to help me ovulate since my periods are fairly irregular. I am nervous because I am not 100% sure what my insurance will cover cost wise. I got a hold of the clinic after 3 days of phone tag and they are sending us a questionnaire that we have to complete before they will do a consultation. I have such mixed emotions about all of this. I had no idea I could feel so optimistic and defeated at the same time.
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    Fertility issues are always so hard to deal with. I know when I was seeing my RE I was happy that there was help but hated that I needed it. You grow up thinking that getting pregnant is easy and when it is not we struggle with feeling we are somehow broken.
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    I think we all definitely feel defeated by infertility at some point. Right now, you ARE doing something! Moving forward!! That's the best thing ever. And they don't want you to wait. That's great.

    Some good news is that if they start you on the normal clomid to try to get some good ovulation going, it is crazy cheap. Like 10 bucks. So don't worry about that right now. I had no ovulation and irregular periods when I started and Clomid was what ended up working, so it might not be horrible for expense.

    Keep your chin up hun, you are moving and going somewhere!
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    I am also just started see a specialist. I am almost done my investigate cycle - I have a strong idea with is wrong because I have been getting parts of my results back as I go along - all you can do is inquire. DH and I have both said that there are limits to what we will be willing to do - no IVF - but we want to continue to inquire to see what we can do. We will know what is right for us at the time. They can't make you do more then what you are willing to do. At the end you will be able to make an informed decision.

    Good luck to you - feel free message me if you want to talk more.

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    Hi Erin,
    I know I'm kind of late popping in here - how is everything going for you?
    Saw you were from Sac and am guessing you have Kaiser..? I'm from the Sac area as well (ok, in TX for school right now...) and my DH had Kaiser thru his work. It was GREAT for all of our fertility testing, which ironically was happening right around the time your son was born in 2009.
    For the whole fertility workup, including bloodwork for both of us and SA for DH, it cost us MAYBE $1000 - but our plan covered a lot of it, too. At the fertility seminar that you have to go to before you can start any of the procedures, I know that we found out our fertility costs would be 100% covered.. some were 50% and some couples weren't covered @ all..
    And wow, I do remember how it took several days of calling back and forth before being able to set up an appt for the seminar.
    DH's work ended up switching to Blue Cross Blue Shield the year after that, so we ended up going to CA IVF for our 2 IUI's - but we reeeeeally wished we'd still had Kaiser because it would have been a much, much easier costing less $$.

    I hope all goes well for you and you get that BFP soon!!!!! KUP!

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