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Hello Ladies my name is Sabrina and I am new to this site. I dont know how things usually go here but I'm in major need of a shoulder... My hubby and I have been ttc #1 for 2 years and 5 months today... Im so tired of seeing pregnant bellies on FB and everywhere I look. My Hubbys cousin (18) is pregnant with her first, a girl from work (19) pregnant with her first, my best friend from grade school (21) pregnant with her first and just about 90% of the worlds population it seems like is pregnant this time of year... I cant help but cry that my husband and I have done everything in the right order and now its been nothing but BFNs. I stopped testing because I would sit on the toilet and cry with every BFN. Now I just dread when AF comes and cry for hours when it does. Im in serious need of a new set of friends. Everyone of my friends doesnt understand the struggles that my hubby and I are going through. I just would like to meet some new people going through the same hard journey as me...

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First off welcome and sorry this has been a long road for you. What are you doing to get pregnant. Do you temp, chart, use OPKs, preseed is good. Have you talked to your OBGYN DR to get a referal to an reproductive endocrinoligist. Also read Toni Welscher Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is a very good book with a lot of helpful info in it.

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Hi Sabrina, welcome to! :wavehello:

Like Renea said, let us know what all you are doing so we can use our expertise to help you. I'm assuming since you've been trying for awhile you have talked to your OB and/or RE?

Sorry about all the friends around you who are expecting. I'm a teacher and there are always a ton of pregnant teachers at school. And I've learned to hide certain people from my FB news feed so I don't have to see the preggo posts. (Side note- I think now with the new lists you could probably create a "preggo people" list so they are all in one place and hidden. I'll try it and let you know how it goes.)

Thanks for stopping by and :bighug:

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Welcomee..... Sorry your here but welcome !! We are all here and capable of understanding your frustrations

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Hi there and welcome

I am sorry you found us under such sad and frustrating circumstances.

As the girls have both said...have you been tested and do you do anything to ttc like chart and use preseed or anything like that?

Is it unexplained infertility?

we are here for you... be it advice a shoulder or just people to relax with and support you.

Huge hugs sweets

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Welcome Biggrin Ditto what the others said, we're here for you. :bigarmhug:

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Welcome Sabrina!! You came to the best place ever. The girls on this site are the most caring & supportive group you could ask for. I have been trying for 7 yrs with no success, so I feel your pain. My DH's niece was 16 when she got pregnant with her first and less than 2 yrs later had another one b/c birth control gave her a head ache and he didn't like the feel of condoms :rolleyes: Keep your head up and rely on these ladies to help you through your pain

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Welcome this is a great group of girls. :bighug: We can all relate to your frustrations!