NEW RE appointment!

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NEW RE appointment!

Ok, I called the place I had been checking out the same time as I had been referred to the other dr.

They have a long line for scheduling, but put us in for an appointment on Feb 25 at 2pm. I have a much better feeling about this place than I did about the last doctor. He was a fertility specialist, but worked in an ob's office. This is an actual fertility clinic.

This is it:

I should have done this first instead of going to the other dr.

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I'm so glad you followed your gutt!! I hope you have a much better experience at this new clinic.

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Yay! I really hope that you find the answers you are looking for and that this place is a lot more accomodating than the last one. Smile

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Ha, I was actually looking at them because IVF there is cheaper than some places. However, I really can't afford it anyway so it doesn't matter. Good luck!

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Thank you ladies. A coworker went to them and had three babies bcs of dr kiltz. So I'm feeling very hopeful.

Oh i didn't realize how close we are pam! I live about 30 miles south of utica. (i know its not super close, but relatively. Most of the people I meet here are states away!) I LOVE your science and history museum and zoo there. We have been a few times. Smile

It is crazy expensive for ivf, no matter what doctor, so i'm hoping it won't come to that.

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Yeah, that's not that far--we've gone to Syracuse a few times. I'd go to the Rochester office if I ever went with this clinic. If only I had the money. My issues are related to previous surgeries, I'm fairly sure, so I don't hold much of any hope that anything other than IVF would work at this point, which realistically probably means it never will happen.

I think once you get a doctor that will get you on the right medications/doses, it'll work out for you since it seems like the problem is ovulation and they can fix that Smile

We are members of the Science Museum--my son loves it

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Can't wait to hear how it all goes!!!!

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That is wonderful news!!! So glad that you have a better feeling about this clinic... live and learn, hm? Smile
Hehe, and maybe they'll have a cancellation and you can get squeezed in a little earlier... Wink

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Best of luck! Looking forward to hearing about your first appointment!