newbie intro to my 3yr ttc journey. insurance issue(long)

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newbie intro to my 3yr ttc journey. insurance issue(long)

Hello ladies, my name is Bri im 22 years old from Florida. my fiance and i have been trying to conceive for three years without sucess,i just started seeing my OBGYN on jan 18th and she did a pap smear,ask my medical history, did a vaginal ultrasound and thats pretty much it. then she put me on birth control for heavy menstural bleeding,but i told her that my fiance and i wouldnt want to do that since we are trying to get pregnant. she has referred me to the IVF of florida clinic for an HSG and to start fertility diagnosis and treatment.

i called the fertility clinic to set up my HSG,but they said i had to wait until my cycle start to set up the appointment,my concern is that my insurance wont cover the HSG and my fiance said we could pay for it cash (825.00) but we just bought a house and literally have went through almost 8000 in a our savings account is starting to look pretty sad..i really want this procedure done,but i also want to start building up our savings again for emergencies,or home improvents..and a general sense of security

i figured,something is obviously wrong with me,im young,over all healthy and we have not used protection in 3 years and nothing,my fiance has a daughter so im thinking he maybe ok. (fast forward)
i started looking into fertility financing,and other options but im not sure whats best for us. my insurance will not cover infertility so im not sure what to do??

have any of you used a discount program?
have any of you financed or taken out a personal loan? (what company did you use)
any advice for paying when insurance doesnt cover infertility??

sorry for the long thread...i look forward to getting to know you all

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Hiiii!!! Welcomeee!!!! Sorry you journey has been so long but its great to see a new face !!! Have you thought about going to another fertility doctore besides the one that you were refered to ? May places well i know in new york have a "payment" plan where you mert with a financial advisor and they help you . Have you thought about calling your insurance company and asking about an add on feature where you pay a little extra to be covered for infertility ? I know my insurance has something like that .. My dh took out a personal loan from Citibank when we moved but you have to make sure you can keep up with the scheduled payments because the interest is no joke lol!

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Welcome Bri

Lovely to have you join us... well... Nice to meet you... Wish it were under better circumstances.
I can't comment really as I am in Britain... So we have the nhs.
Our private clinics tend to have payment plans I think.

I am guessing as you have been trying for so long you do ovulation tests and know your fertile time.

I am sure the other ladies will be able to help more.

I hope you'll hang around and we'll all get to share in your journey AND your bfp!!

Hugs lady

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Hi Bri,

I am Margaret, mom of a fantastic 6.5 year old boy. I have severe pcos and now endometriosis and I am 42 so I have a lot of infertility issues going on.

Not sure about the insurance thing as I am in Canada but shopping around for a fertility clinic sounds like a good idea.

Also, you might want to think about going on the pill for a few months, let your body get settled and then start over again. I had to do that to try and get some regularity back. Did your gyn send you for any blood work? I would also suggest charting temps etc, it really makes a difference.

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Hello Bri and welcome to the boards! :bigarmhug: I'm so sorry your journey has been so long already - it's just not expected when you're so young and all of your friends are popping out babies left and right! Sad

Have you used OPKs, charted your BBT or anything like that? Smile

When I had my HSG, it was right after my period, like day 5 or 6 I wanna say? We had insurance through my husband's work, HMO, but it worked. Smile That was in the fall of 2009, and in January 2010, our insurance changed and was better in some ways but covered way less so it was also crummier. We ended up moving on to Clomid and IUI, but out insurance only covered a small portion of that. Thankfully my husband's work gave all of their employees $1500 over the year in a HSA, so that helped some. Still, we put about $5000 on our credit card by the time we had 2 IUI cycles with all of the ultrasounds, etc. involved. They were unsuccessful, so that really sucked, but at least we know that we tried... we decided to go the non-traditional route and were seeing an acupuncturist who did nutritional response testing before we moved out of state a few months ago.

My advice to you is to talk things over with your fiance as you said you still weren't quite sure what you wanted to do - find out where you're both at with the house vs. savings account vs. fertility procedures and which one you both want to take top priority. Then if you decided to move on with the fertility, be aware of the cost of the tests (HSG, lots of labwork, possibly ultrasounds and your fiance will likely be required to have a semen analysis). (Your IVF clinic can give you a pretty good estimate..)
After all of the tests, hopefully you will be given a diagnosis so you'll have a game plan and decide with your reproductive endocrinologist which direction you need to head, whether just medications, maybe a corrective surgical procedure, medications plus the IUI, or not as likely, IVF - be wary if your doctor pushes IVF at you first thing unless he/she gives you concrete evidence based on your blood work, etc.
All in all, we're talking anywhere from $1500 to $15,000 or more, depending on which procedures you decide to follow through with... which is why it's super important for you & your fiance to be together through the process. SmileSmile

:bigarmhug: I know how much more difficult it can be when you're so young and going through all of this - I was 23 when we did all of our fertility treatment and I know it's hard to get doctors to even listen to you sometimes, because they sometimes say what everyone else does, "You're young and healthy and have plenty of time to get pregnant.." .....not helpful. Hang in there!!!!

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Welcome Biggrin