Nosy people...GRRR

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Nosy people...GRRR

I was in my nephews bday party yesterday and one my BIL's friends tried sparking up a conversation with me. Mind you I find this woman seriously annoying...

So she starts asking me when are you going to have another one? I respond with a smile and say I'm not sure. So she continues...

"well you shouldn't wait that long because it's not good." "You shouldn't leave your daughter alone because it's not good." "You should really hurry up and have another one."

So I completely ignored her and started talking to the person next to me, and made it very clear I wasn't going to answer her questions.

Now, I could have told her off and started a fight but then I would look like a fool at my nephews party so I bit my tongue.

Why would someone insist on the topic. I could either just want 1 kid or can't have anymore for whatever reasons. I HATE HATE HATE when people press on the subject, it's not their business. I would never ask someone why they don't want anymore, or why they have waited so long to TTC.

Okay that's my vent for today...annoying nosy people!!

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Sorry, Marisol. People just don't think before they talk sometimes :bigarmhug:

I've been asked the same type questions, and it can be quite annoying.

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I truly do not understand how people, at this day in age, can be so insensitive! I'm so sorry Marisol. :bigarmhug:

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I'm sorry you had to deal with that...but you are certainly a better person then me because if someone had gone on and on and on at me my response would have been to the point and enough to make them feel like poop!
I play the guilt card well...
So well done you for keeping your calm.
And huge hugs

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Man, some people!! I am sorry that you were subjected to that level of stupidity! I agree with Liz, you are a bigger person than I. I would have totally called her out on it lol, so kudos to you for keeping your cool! (((HUGS)))

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Ohhh, grrrr! So annoying.

Honestly, I get the same thing about having 4 boys. Inevitably some idiot asks about having a daughter. It annoys the hell out of me. Even when close friends say things, oy vay! like somehow my like is incomplete because I only have sons. I have a generic response "if you could meet my awesome sons, you'd understand why I'm so happy only having boys".

So, yeah, you were very right to ignore her and it was probably the right decision though I probably would have tried to make her feel really bad about it by being really sarcastic.

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I think having thought first grade for 4 years, then Kindergarten and Pre-K, I have developed a strange sense of patience. LOL! I'm used to being tested...LOL!